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It’s Sunday…. Sunday used to be a great day…. the day after footie day, loads of footie on TV. I’ve never been a huge fan of church, (all a bit far fetched for me), although to be fair, they are playing the long game as it’s been going fucking ages?

Church – not my bag
I’m aware that Charlotte is a huge fan of this blog….“Charlotte, when I said I wouldn’t get up for church on a Sunday morning, I meant…… oh forget it, speak to you soon 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿”

Kits out for the Boyos…….

New away kit came out on Friday. We’ve had some mint away kits the last 10 years, the black from 2 years ago was superb, the  white kits over the years have been stunning, the grey with yellow trim was a thing of beauty; the latest offering is absolutely lovely….

Absolute belter

Design Rovers 3 vs Cheap Generic Shite United 0

Champagne Price City 4 Vs Beer Budget Badgers 0

A Design For Life….

Everyone has the choice of how to spend their money. There’s nowt worse than people chelping about not enjoying tv programmes etc, (just don’t watch said programme). Football kits are slightly different….. a decent looking SAFC kit excites me, even at 49 years old , I’ll buy to wear at the gym, on my travels, round the house etc. Sadly the quality is just shite. Think Sunday League generic team wear at £9 a shirt. I’m not so naive to not know it’s a commercial enterprise, although it’s arguably a false economy?

  • Decent quality shirt  = I’d buy myself and my youngest a shirt = £90
  • Shite quality = not bother = £0 / might get myself one in January = £20

SAFCBlog = Miserable Old Retro Boring Knobber….

I disagree…. as recent as 4 years ago, we had a decent quality product!

“It’s a stitch up…..”
2016 = quality
2019 = piss poor

SAFCBlog – Sweatshop Unsocial Social Factory Media – FTM

IT MATTERS NOT……. I guess so, it’s just a t shirt and no one ever got rich selling t shirts……

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