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6 days without a game…… Heaven Knows I’m Miserable Now…..

Cup Final today, it was a good watch to be fair and decided by a decent goal. The 1st day of the season can be a strange day for SAFCBlog….. after being doomed after losing 5-1 at Spurs, I announced on the way home, “if we stay up, I’ll have a shower in a service station for the first away game next season”…. the pressure was then on, the season after the WBA shower…. the opening game at Leicester was designated as, “I’m going to get dressed in a lay-by of the M1 day”…. not big, clever or normal, but anyone blessed with the qualities of bigness, cleverness and normality, probably wouldn’t follow SAFC home and away? What’s the relevance of the cup final? Well, it’s fucking mint that Leicester won it, it was great to see fans properly celebrating…. going back 6 years or so to the day I got undressed and dressed on the M1, our opening fixture vs Leicester was a game we didn’t want to lose, they’d stayed up by the skin of their teeth – we can’t afford to be losing to teams like Leicester….

SAFCBlog departed the game at 3.30pm, (hardly worth the change of clothes)… 8 months later Leicester were Champions – absolutely bonkers and the best thing ever to happen in the Premiership. Anyway we beat the traffic, so ultimately we were the real winners.
This season was shite, this week is worse, (really shite)

I get excited to go to games when we have circa 55 of them per season, next Saturday I’m going to my first SAFC game in over 14 months, this is very, very exciting …. now is not the time to get too serious, but I’ve missed football, I’ve missed the people that make me tick, to be going to the stadium on Saturday is a massive positive for so many people in so many ways…

Is there such a thing as Normal?

You Bet….

”Each Way please….”

We are the bookies favourites, that means shit all…. Moretti is my favourite lager, I can’t imagine that this resonates in the hills of Tuscany?

”errrrr, don’t suppose you put £3.5 million on 2-1 Charlton did you love?”

Thankfully we have some Footie back in a few sleeps, the night before we go to Lincoln, it’s Oxford vs Blackpool…. back before then with some graphs relevant to that game⚽️ What a time to be alive…..

Playoffs? Promotion? Yep… no bother

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