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Troubled Waters?

…… Thank fuck we’ve got the best bridge in the world!

Our Current Owners…..

The Accounts are out, whilst not my opinion and not something I either agree or disagree with….. some folk have suggested, they have ripped the arse out of our wonderful club!

“Bally knows, 100%”

Old News?

I’ve been writing this Blog for almost 18 months now, there was a purple patch during lockdown when quantity was impressive, quality has remained mostly shite throughout. 

There’s 450 articles in the SAFCBlog Archive – my views on our owners are covered there, so I don’t feel the need to add anymore on their time at Sunderland ……

SAFCBlog – Average at best

Be Nice, Stay Classy…..

The owners were backed by the fans, if this was Leeds, Birmingham etc…. the situation would be toxic? To the credit of the City and the fanbase, we’ve stayed classy, 

What’s going on?

“Mr Donald…… you maker no sense……you crazy man….crazy”

The only people who know are our owners, I’d never suggest they are full of shit and unreliable fantasists…. but if they said it was raining, I’d leave my umbrella at home….

🛎 end

Newcastle United FC

Newcastle is a decent city, the few mags that I know, (admittedly exiles), are decent lads. A handful of people aside, they really are a different breed and a gift that keeps on giving. Shouting at shops, punching horses, attending the wrong game etc,

They really are a very, very strange bunch?

SAFCBlog was absolutely gutted to learn that the Saudi Takeover has fallen through. It’s a sad indictment that the PL was more perturbed by the alleged illegal streaming of games, than it was alleged horrific human rights atrocities? Too late now, but….. I’ve never, (as yet), advised Saudi Arabian Billionaires on the purchase of a club…. but surely someone should have thought about suggesting buying us for £30 million, and spending £100 million to get to the PL – simples…. less than half the price of those idiots up the road and no crying over dodgy Sky Boxes…. the EFL wouldn’t be arsed about that one bit….

EFL Fit & Proper Ownership Test…….✅⚽️✅

Speculation FC 0 Vs Rumour Mill Rovers 0

No one knows what’s happening….. our owner is upset that people are calling him names on Twitter. There has been suggestions he’s clutching at straws, looking to cite fan abuse as a factor in the dissatisfaction towards him, with this in mind SAFCBlog will only refer to completely random hypothetical analogies…….

What’s the crack with our previous owner? Owns all the land around the stadium? Is he still involved? Whilst he may not be interested in the 90 minutes, he’s bought most of Sheepfolds, shortly after he passed it on the to the current clowns, an alternative group of US Billionaires started their interest

Owners entering into a 30 day period of exclusivity with a buyer…  I don’t believe that

Getting a pal to show his bank statement to the EFL and letting him have a share of a football club valued at millions, in exchange for £1 offers ‘more questions than answers?’

The Truth…….

We’ll never find everything out, that said the accounts, the promises, the conduct of CM at the fans meetings, the conspiracy theories….. it could be suggested, that its a complete fucking shambles?

What’s going to happen?

These are hugely uncertain times, not only in a footballing sense but also in the wider world. Whilst I’ve nothing reliable to base my thoughts on, I actually reckon we will be in a really good place in 12 months time….

  • We’ve got the right manager
  • Bizarrely we seem to be recruiting! Bailey Wright is a tremendous player and will surely be Club Captain
  • Surely Grigg must improve eventually? He’s a natural finisher – confidence is everything. I’ve said many a times, if he doesn’t miss that open goal in in his home debut vs Blackpool, it would have been a different story? Couple of early season goals Will and you’ll smash this league.
  • Football is going to feel the full financial impact of COVID. We are not in good shape, but the infrastructure is there and  ‘£ for £’, SAFC is potentially the best buy anyone could make?
  • These Southern Jobbers will be on their way soon. Based on nothing other than intuition, I’m of the firm belief that we will be American owned this time next year

No doubt lots of stories will do the rounds re: ownership in the coming months? Haven’t even bothered to read up on it, but I assume that fella from ZZ Top who sells Knock off Lucozade, isn’t a realistic contender?

“Lockdown has taken its toll on Kieran Brady’s Barnet?”

Supporting Sunderland is never straight forward, that said for the first time in months it’s starting to feel like football will be back soon. Watching the clowns up the road make absolute idiots of themselves on SkySports News Ch409, makes the world a better place…..

New SAFCBlog Favourite Amanda Stavely.

Monday Morning Motivation…..

The more astute readers will notice the use of the word Sunday in the title? The real clever ones will know it’s now Monday – SAFCBlog fell asleep writing this yesterday and I don’t know how to change the title without risking deleting everything. Hopefully this doesn’t hamper my chances of winning any Awards for Literature? 


The Beautiful Game……

“Dear Football, I love you and I miss you and I’ve never ever leave you”

Good United 1 Vs Bad Wanderers 0, (Grigg 73)

Sunderland is a wonderful city, SAFC is a wonderful club, our fans are class….. that = Good ……. Global Pandemics are an inconvenience, our owners are a disgrace…….. that = Bad. Thanks to a wonder goal from Will Grigg, good edges it…

SAFCBlog – Average at Best – FTM

So…… Something good is going to happen?


Won’t happen overnight, but it will happen, something good definitely happen…….

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