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Wasn’t at the game yesterday, but an ok result and by all accounts from those I’ve spoken to, an ok performance? iphone memories was nice enough to remind me today that on this day 1 year ago, we were getting thumped 4-0 at Portsmouth on the wettest day ever, with this in mind a goalless draw to drop down to 7th position in The Championship isn’t so bad?

Wettest day ever? At least it won’t us take long to get home?

Journalistic Stuff….

Cheers Paul, bit busy here email wise? 10’107 of the unread fuckers now.

Not quite sure how it ever happened, but I’m one of the 400 paid up members of the FWA, (Football Writers Association), I probably do know how it happened, but shy bairns get nowt etc?. Huge thanks to Adam for the Guest Blogging this week.

Huge thanks to Adam, I’m a little bit concerned the bar has been raised – back to the normal shit show of cut and pasting pictures from Google and zero details on the match on Tuesday.

October and Everything After…..

Games coming thick and fast in October, without revisiting the 1-1 Merino Soft Knot Coolwash Cardigan Season, draws are obviously better than defeats, but too many one pointers helps no one. We drew with Preston Yesterday in front of 41’000, five years ago we were getting thumped every week in the Championship, we are doing ok

Big Week

Blackpool aren’t great, Swansea are improving but a bit hit and miss, realistically the 3 games thereafter, (Wigan, Blackburn, Burnley), look tough ….. it would be great this week to get 4 points from 2 games. Its impossible to predict the future, but feeling more positive than I have after years of shite, SAFCBlog is of the mind that if we can negotiate the 2 games this week and head into pre Wigan in really good shape, we are in a great place💥

Alex Neil…..

The moment he requested permission to speak to Stoke, he could get fucked for me. I’m not arsed about him or Stoke, but this is good to see….

At least he’s won 1 game at Stoke this season

Famine 0 vs Feast 1….

Feels like forever since I went to a game, I reckon we beat Blackpool,(apologies Jaine and Lee), Swansea will be tough and I’d take a point in a heartbeat. Like Coventry, Portsmouth etc Wigan seem to have engineered a one way rivalry with us? Tinpot Greater Manchester Knobbers…..

Blackpool = Win …..Swansea = Draw

Sets it up nicely for 3 tough games in a week vs Wigan, Blackburn & Burnley⚽️, we won’t get relegated, (which I thought we might), but it’ll be a good measure of if we can challenge for promotion? (I don’t think we will, but we might).

Few games before we play Wigan, I’m onboard with giving Alex Neil pelters if he’s still the Stoke manager when we play them, but can we not give Charlie Wyke too much grief? He scored 30+ goals for us in a season, he did his bit⚽️

Charlie Wyke literally died for a bit during training, but this is still the most scared he’s ever been

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