SAFCBlog Sunday SPZL – Exciting New Feature

How High?

We’ve started well, we are 5th, this division is much better than the one we chose to play in for the previous 4 years, better teams, better stadiums, bizarrely the refs seem to be no better, but it’s refreshing to be in this division.

The Sun Always Shines On TV

Watching footie on TV is different than being at the match, having watched the ITV highlights programme, it’s appropriate to add the following to yesterdays match report,
  • Whilst Colin Murray is a tough act to follow, where did ITV get these chumps? Absolutely dire
  • I hadn’t realised how good Pattersons save at 0-0 was
  • The ball from Clarke for the goal just gets better every time you see it

In Other News

Wyke wasn’t universally popular at SAFC despite having a great season, thats irrelevant – he’s a young man, with a young family, yesterday he played football 9 months after having a near fatal heart attack. Absolutely delighted for him – this story makes me happy. #itsjustagame⚽️❤️

We’ve played 5 of 46 games, whilst thats not many games, it is 10%, there’s no game for a week, so it could be famine more than feast for SAFCBlog this week. so seems like a good time to have a look at how we are doing, I’ll do the same after 10/46, 15/46, 20/46 etc, (20,30,40% etc).

Pretty good so far, after gaining promotion through the play offs, we know our gaffer❤️ already proven at this level, the other early season aims included….. can we compete? can Stewart handle the step up? There’s a huge disparity between our first 11 and our squad depth, so the next 10 days are huge for us. SAFCBlog 10% Summary, very happy and we all know Ross Stewart will play Premier League Football, Shirley?

The next edition, (20%), will review Norwich, Rotherham, Boro, Millwall, Reading, (2 tough games there, 3 ok games), 30% then sees a review of Watford, Preston, Blackpool, Swansea, Wigan, (less tough than the previous 5?). It’s a mad division and any game can be tough, but let’s enjoy the ride….. Shirley we aren’t going up again?….. Why ever not?

“How we get there I don’t know……”

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