SAFCBlog Sunday SPZL & Huddersfield Preview

Great win and a great day of Association Football yesterday, I love the Sunday after a Saturday win, add to this that we go again the day after tomorrow, I’m borderline giddy. I can just about cope with a week between, 2 weeks is about my limit to contain my excitement, 3 days is perfect.

2-0 at their gaff

Had some very wet games this season, but this was a whole new level? Never been so pleased to get home for a soak in the bath

  • It was very wet
  • They were very shite


  • It’ll be a bit drier
  • They are a bit better

Neil Warnock

Childish, but the fact that his name is an anagram of Colin Wanker, will never not be funny. Football is a results business and Warnock gets results, looks like he’ll keep them up which would be a fantastic achievement.

Despite their recent results, we have better players than them? We have some tremendous players, some of the skill from Roberts and Amad yesterday was breathtaking and the pass from Clarke to Roberts was about as much fun as you can have fully/partially clothed?

Whilst their results have been good since Warnock took over, they’ve not had more than 28% possession in the last 6 games, we Shirley have the quality to hurt them? It’s not long since we had Scowen, Dobson, Power,, (all shit), we now have Roberts, Amad, Clarke, (all have magic in their boots)

SAFCBlog predicts …. SAFC 4 vs HTFC 1

Not ideal working with just 2 highlighter pens, (a fat brown bastard ate the other 4), but the scientific graph confirms that we will fucking hammer the Yorkshire, (West), tinpot jobbers 100%

Fat brown dog, free to any home, (can deliver)

Feast 0 vs Famine 1, (Sands, B 67)

Almost the close season, I’m just about hanging onto the idea of writing this shite, in need of some close season inspiration…..

There’s always a way? …. Matching trainers to Working Men’s Club carpets???

You are what you Wear(side)

lovely day here in Yorkshire, (North Union), Tony has some BIG decisions to make.

Difficult start for Tony after his shit suede loafers in his first game, to be fair to him he had a tough act to follow….

Forever in blue jeans

Shit clobber, good manager

Smart, fit, well spoken ???????? and tasty

The king of layering and merino 30° softwash ❤️

After a difficult start, Mrs Mowbray played a blinder with the Boss Bodywarmer

A solid look, but it’s forecast to be 18° in Birmingham at 1pm on Sunday Tony, whilst he can’t be blamed for us having no strikers, Tony needs to think about Sunday? It’s unrealistic that the bodywarmer wont be worn? Short sleeves are a big fucking no, I’d reckon a long sleeved black tee is the only option Tony?

Don’t worry about the £19 Tony, I can sort, just DM me for a freebie, (promise I won’t block you⭐️????????),or email the SAFCBlog fashion team at

Available in XS to XXL Tony, I’d reckon XL will be fine? (Yet to sell an XS, who’s stupid fucking idea was that?)


Whilst perusing the Huddersfield preview from November, (not lazy journalism), I’d written a bit about Burnley fans hoying flares a few days previous, nothing changes without making change making decisions?

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mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm fucking mmmmmmmmmm

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