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The Blog must go on….. Whilst it’s Sunday, which is not a traditional blogging day, there’s loads happening at SAFC, so needs must. Fortunately todays TV footie options are fairly shite.

As we all knew and expected, the inevitable has now been confirmed, that’s fine and we move on. I understand that there will be compensation, contractural issues etc, whilst I’ve not, (to date), owned a football club, I would have either;

  • Sacked him for pitching up at Blackburn with his Stoke chums, when we were playing and he was still employed as our manager?
  • Whilst I don’t, (currently), have any professional qualifications in employment law, could we not have suspended him? (hence holding onto his contact – not because we want him, just to fuck him off)
Stoke City Official my arse”
Not for one moment advocating a kidnap situation”

Who’s the next Boss?

  • Strong noises last night about Mowbray
  • Not my 1st choice, but he had a good 5 seasons at Blackburn
  • Being realistic and managing expectations, Blackburn are an established Championship team – that’s not a bad short term aspiration for us?
  • I’ll back whoever manages us, without going all Graeme Souness, I find it much easier to be onboard with a no nonesense, tough man manager, I’d be ok with Mowbray
  • Few other names in the mix, all fairly positive too
  • We categorically cannot go into the next game without a manager, we lost at Cheltenham last season due to a lack of leadership and inability to make a substitution. Albeit against better opposition, we arguably did the same yesterday? Better opposition is the key term here, we cannot have 3 or 4 games without any decent leadership – at this level, you just get beat every time you play, 100%
  • I feel emotional when I think about Wembley in May, it will forever be a great memory spent with some great people, one of whom I spent yesterday with, who was able to spend Wembley with his boy, (and boy… he’s some boy for one boy). Wembley can never be undone, never ever❤️⚽️
  • When our previous manager arrived, we could only dream of not being third tier shite?
  • This week, we have signed the Costa Rican Pele and a French bloke from PSG for €5 million…. lets not forget that this time last year we were owned by a short armed prick who couldn’t afford to buy grass seed
  • We are OK, we’re in better shape than we’ve been for 6 years, (all relative etc)
  • Whilst it’s nice to be important, it’s much more important to be nice, The official SAFC Statement not thanking him makes me happy, could be a right laugh when Stoke visit the home of football in March
  • SAFCBlog doesn’t normally work Bank Holidays, but let’s see what tomorrow brings?

Rotherham Preview

FFS, sometime before Wednesday

Rotherham – home to The Chuckle Brother ⚽️🔴⚪️⚽️
SAFCBlog – Bank Holiday Blogging – FTM

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