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Goals win games…..

Simple equation really, we played ok today. We managed to lose a tie to a team who didn’t have a shot on goal, but to be fair, no one ever won a game in 90 minutes with a score of nil?

At least we were spared 30 minutes extra time?

Hull are poor, we didn’t score. They scored more penalties than us, fair dos.

“He’s a keeper”….. not since Pip Schofield’s missus took the bedsheets from their marital home in October 2019 has there been a more routine clean sheet?”

We lost to a shit team?

Played ok, but as previously mentioned, you don’t score, you don’t win. For me, it’s best to win every game we play. Playing ok and losing on penalties is the best way to exit a cup competition?

What’s the Storey Morning Glory?

Fantasy Fuckwit Takeover Town 0 vs Normally Nomads 1, (Parker Bowles, 69)

Feeling Empty…..

Absolutely fucking bonkers….

  • I can’t go and watch us play Bristol Rovers on Saturday 
A shithole/basic facility
  • Unable to watch SAFC, I’ll probably head to Whitby Town to watch York
Modern, State of the Art facility
  • Well done to Consett today, they secured a trip to Wembley for the final of the FA Vase. This was the scene today…..
Great scenes….. can I go and watch Sunderland please?

I’ll preview the Bristol Rovers game this week, we played them in our last league game in March…. surely it can’t be as bad as that night?

Aston Villa Under 23’s

Shit cup game against some youth players on Tuesday night, I should know better…. but….

  • I’d have done a 170 mile round trip to attend
  • I’ll pay £10 to watch online
  • I really should know better?

Aston Villa Misery Club….

We had a shite record against them the last 10 years or so. Since Bardo fired us to a win in January 2011,we’ve only beaten them once in a dozen or so attempts. 

We beat a hapless Villa on 2nd January 2016, just another game?

Yeah, just another game I guess…. but watching SAFC is so, so much more than 90 minutes? I’ve no doubt some may have memories of the game and most who attended don’t have memories. That’s the beauty of the beautiful game….. that day was one of dads last games, yes we won 3-1, we also……stitched up Nathan, ate pork pies, drank peroni, shouted at the radio, laughed all day, pissed in lay-bys…..SAFCBlog always alludes to never look back, that’s the best way…. but enjoy every moment of the SAFC family

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