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SAFCBlog still at the stage where it’s not sure what day it is, so don’t suppose it matters that it’s Sunday? Church not my bag anyway….

The High Street won’t return as strong post COVID, be interesting to see if churches bother reopening? Perhaps different religions could merge to create Super Churches and sell the rest off to Costa Coffee or the like?

Blog Free Saturdays…..

Suspect no ones arsed, but my remit of writing a new article every day, came up short yesterday. From experience if it’s Saturday and sunny, everyone is out getting Ant McPartlined? Fuck know what’s going on with Lockdown? I drove through town earlier and there were pubs open selling beer to drink outside said pubs, (no one wants to stand outside drinking beer with their mates in this weather?)

“So is Lockdown over?”

324 people died in the UK yesterday due to COVID, in Spain the total was 2, (although it was 1 on Thursday – so they’ve doubled and we haven’t?)

The PREMIER League is BACK!

June 17th, on TV lots, empty stadiums….. is there anyone who thinks this will end well in terms of how people will choose to consume football, travel and celebrate? Being cynical, it could be argued…..

  • The Premiership are terrified of a European Super League?
  • The TV Companies have them over a barrel?

Self Interest

Watching Premiership football behind closed doors has no appeal to me, it sits just above The Bundesliga and just below a pool party at Barrymores Gaff.

Behind closed doors Premiership ❌ breakfast beers ✅
Proper football will return when the time is right
‘Football without fans is nothing?’

Sunderland don’t have a pot to piss in, we are run by a couple of chancers who took a punt and lost. We are in division 3 and light years away from the Premiership – I get all of that, I begrudgingly accept all of that…. but for me the League Pyramid is no more when the Premiership plays on? On March 26th tiers 3-6 of the non league structure were voided

I understand the structure – next time the BBC are blowing smoke up their own arses about the magic of the cup and us all ‘playing the same game’, they can fuck right off
Drink responsibly……
SAFCBlog – Lower League Unsocial Social Media – FTM

Not fussed about the Premiership reconstruction ….. at least the tunes are good

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