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Regular readers, (*), will know I’m hugely invested in all things SAFC during the season, my preference is to knock off in summer and concentrate on other stuff….. “a shark? Surely it’s just a big fish?”
3 more weekends….. nearly there✅⛳️⚽️

Saturday Night…..

I can do any night love✅ (watch the chase til 6pm, Mon to Fri)

Blogging a Dead Cause….

Tough read > imagine writing this shite? Although….. not long now til the start of the season.

I’m not available for selection for the 1st game vs Coventry, (fucking 30th July man?), I have however commissioned some supermodel from Doncaster to write the blog vs Coventry, (how much worse can it be?).

Pre Season…..

Pre season friendlies are mostly shite football wise, but they do afford the opportunity to have a day out somewhere different. We play Rangers in Albuferia on Saturday night at 8pm….. SAFCBlog can’t make that game as I’ll be reporting from a gig in Leeds. Music = game of opinions, I love music….. if there’s a better underrated band than Skylights, then I’m a dutchman…… SAFCBlog will be reporting from Portugal on Wednesday for the game vs AS Roma.

Transfer Business…..

  • Roberts a great signing
  • Bloke from Arsenal looks a good signing
Probably not good enough to play for Man City, but 100% good enough to have a career as a Premiership footballer
Cheers Callum……… we ended up having a great season and you were a huge part of it⚽️🔴⚪️⚫️⚽️❤️
see you Saturday lads ✅❤️🍺

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