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It’s hot, we used to call it a nice sunny day or good weather…….a product of 24 hour news is that they just go round in circles repeating themselves, it is hot, but it is summer, it’s not exciting. The preferred choice of football teams is to head for warm weather training pre season, generally the bigger the budget the hotter the location? I saw a few of the Sheff Weds team having a Cornetto outside the Spar in Almancil the other day, no doubt if you went to the Spar in Dubai, you see some Premiership players having said Cornetto. So surely the fact it’s hot, is a good thing for these higher trained athletes, I’ve not, (to date), played professional football, but I can only imagine that sweating your bollocks off pre season can only aid your fitness levels, Shirley?

Yes, it’s hot > have an ice cream > buy a sensibly priced bucket hat, (available from >move on).
Bucket hats > perfect for summer

Pre Season Continues……

Bradford tomorrow should provide a decent workout, if we were underperforming on Division 3, they must be pulling their fucking hair out in Division 4? We look pretty good so far, im pleased with the business we’ve done, not just the signings but also the manner of them. Rather than a short armed prick having a love in with podcasts and saying watch this space etc, we now just get the deal done✅⚽️ Look forward to a couple of new additions before the Coventry game.

After the Bradford game we play Hartlepool away, (sensible), and Accrington, (strange given a trip there epitomised much of the misery of our extended tenure in the 3rd tier).

Not Long Now

Less than 2 weeks now til we play Coventry, I’m not available for selection til the 2nd game Away at Bristol City, but I’ll watch online. Looks like a 40’000+ attendance is likely, which given it’s on TV at noon and its July, (people on holiday etc), is fantastic. No doubt the Coventry fans, (a minority), will misbehave, moving forward, away fans above home fans doesn’t work? At Hillsborough our allocation was reduced to provide a sterile area in the front 10-15 rows. Whilst incidents at the SOL have been isolated, we are about to embark on our first campaign in 5 years playing proper teams, in the last 5 years the cheap availability of flares / smoke canisters has seen a huge upturn in their use at games, (SAFC away support very much included). Hopefully I’m wrong, but I think this will be a problem at the SOL this season.
“Right lads….. less licking of your bollocks, more sniffing pyro please”

Not long now✅⚽️🔴⚪️⚫️⚽️✅

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