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It’s Sunday again already, giving church a miss today in favour of cutting edge journalism. Still very little sport of note, Horse and Pigeon Racing, (not against each other), aside, there’s been nowt worth watching thus far. The phrase Football without Fans, was penned sometime ago, never has it rung truer than now?

Behind Closed Doors – Rubbish

On this day……..

A lot of this on Twitter etc at the moment, SAFCBlog as guilty as anyone – I guess the simple reason is that on this day today, has been more famine than feast of late?

It’s 36 years ago this week since a youthful John Barnes scored one of the best goals ever as England humbled the might of Brazil in their own back yard of the Estadio do Maracana, Rio de Janeiro. I guess that’s why John Barnes is trending on Twitter today???

‘Great Goal…… penetrating surge into box before shooting and scoring’

Politics not my bag……

This is a Football Blog, not a very good one, but football is my subject of choice. It’s been a strange year thus far, I’m still in the, it’s best not to catch a Global Pandemic with no vaccine camp. Anything slightly political on here is purely an observation from watching the news rather than an opinion… observations are as such….

  • 1.5 million vulnerable people in the UK remain in Lockdown
  • Most of us are Social Distancing, I can only give my own experience….. but it’s approaching the anniversary of my dads death and I won’t be able to give my mum a hug
  • Whatever the context, the amount of Mass Gatherings taking place will test whether we are going to have a 2nd wave? I suppose one way to prevent a 2nd wave is to keep the 1st wave going?
  • Im aware the French like a riot, (more about running and throwing stuff than gathering though?), but has anywhere else contravened Lockdown the way we have? I genuinely don’t know?

Anyway, merely an observation as previously stated.

On this day continued……


Strange Singer PRINCE

Welsh Singer TOM JONES

SAFCBlog favourite ANNA KOURNIKOVA – Happy Birthday Anna🎾💜

**Lot of tennis stars seem to be lesbians? Anna isn’t (** not that it matters what their preferences are)
SAFCBlog favourite and tennis star – Sue Barker

COLONEL GADAFFI died on this day too, unlike the KFC Colonel, he was a baddie.

ROBERT BRUCE KING OF SCOTCH died on this day 1329 – long time ago, but still a topic of conversation in Scotchland 

Lockdown has taken its toll on Burnley Gaffer Sean Dyche
SAFCBlog – Not as good as it used to be


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