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Whilst it’s disappointing, it’s no surprise and it’s definitely the correct decision, our trip to Accrington is off…..

“……’s OFF”
“……..even though we weren’t OFF, it’s fucking OFF anyway”

Games being called off at Accrington is nothing new to us, anyone who was there in December 2018 will certainly never forget the experience…..

Accrington – Wetter than a wet otters pocket on a particularly wet day

Postponed Panthers AFC 0 vs Suspension Seahawks FC 2, (Clifton 18, Bridge 31)

A Suspention Bridge last Monday

Games are called off every season, due to all manner of reasons, weather, cup runs, International call ups etc….. the games are subsequently played at a later date. The term postponement, (abr. PP), is the term used to describe such situations. When you hear a game is postponed, you know it’s not being played as scheduled and that it will be played in due course at a time mutually convenient to both clubs – a very, very simple concept?

There’s been a fair amount of coverage of late of COVID in all media channels, part of this media coverage is to shoehorn new words into everyday life. Obviously they are not actually new words, but pre 2020, furlough, PPE, R numbers, Asymptomatic, flattening the curve, herd immunity were not terminology you’d expect to hear from a pissed scotch bloke in Wetherspoons? I’ve no issue with the broadening of peoples vocabulary ….. but why the fuck are these postponed games, all of a sudden being referred to as suspended? They’ve been called off to be rearranged later in the season, we don’t need a new COVID Friendly Term to describe this? Suspension is a perfectly good word, it’s just not needed to describe the deferment of a football match. It’s got plenty of decent uses already, holding something up, the creation of excitement etc. Back in the day we used to get suspended from school, (although it was later proven in a court of law that Mr W our PE Teacher was actually described accurately in said graffiti)

Absolute Shambles….. there’s only 1 ‘Zoom’ recognised at my gaff?

Grinding to a halt?

Whilst fairly depressing, it’s becoming more and more likely that the L1 season isn’t looking like it will be played to a completion? Accrington have had their last 2 games postponed/suspended, and they’ve it even caught COVID yet! The schedule was already sat, tues, sat, it’s only a matter of time before it becomes unrealistic. Extending the season is not an option either as Northern Ireland are scheduled to play in the group stages of Euro 2020, (2021), and obviously they won’t want to play the elite European Nations without Will Grigg?

Another packed L1 fixture list…..

The Past Was Yours, The Futures Mine …..

SAFCBlog is objective, I’ve been accused of being, a snowflake, woke, a liberal knobhead etc…..but….. the EFL made an absolute arse of how to decide last season – 100%. If this season is cancelled the pressure will be on them to not make as big a fuck up as they did last season? Obviously the ideal scenario is to fulfil the fixtures, guessing the outcome is not deal, although there is technology out there to make this process 100% (*) accurate. 

Partnerships are the bedrock of many a successful projects, Dec & Ant, Clyde & Bonnie, Dollar, Simon & Garfunkel, Turner & Hooch, Jackson and Culkin… it’s an almost exhaustive list. Anyway I’ve emailed the EFL to offer the use of the SAFCBlog Super Computer, the balls in their court now!

Computers – Very, very clever
The SAFCBlog Super Computer…… Service at TANDY✅ New TRANSPONDER✅ Email to EFL✅ EFL weak as weak piss✅

Seems like it’s all Off, Off, Off?  We’ll have to get back to normal at some stage, so only a matter of time til It’s On again…..

All Hacienda / Boardwalk 1989 aren’t we??


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