SAFCBlog – The Magic Of The Cup – Part 1/3

What a time to be alive? 3 articles in 1 day! Today was scheduled to be Cup Final Day, we didn’t bother with the FA Cup this year. Back in the day, Cup Final Day was the day….. a whole day on the sofa watching TV, bizarrely 35 years or so on from my BBC FA Cup memories, I seem to be living in some kind of crap parallel universe? At the time we had 3 channels, 2 of them showed the Cup Final all day. TV is obviously an entertainment genre of opinions, but it was BBC all the way for me – for some reason the ITV coverage made it look like the game was being played in the tropics…..

Like all football in England, the FA Cup remains unfinished. Whilst the powers that be seem to think it’s ok to take the life out of the game and guess and fabricate league results, they won’t do that for the cup. Thankfully SAFCBlog has access to a Super Computer, which when programmed, (by highly trained experts), is able to 100% predict the results of unplayed games…

Computers – Very Clever

Well done Leicester

SAFCBLog – At Best Average Unsocial Isolation Drivel Since 2019

BACK THIS AFTERNOON WITH The Magic of the Cup – Part 2/3.


On the off chance anyone is still reading, here’s a brief SAFCBlog review of our 1st round thriller vs the mighty Gillingham in round 1…..

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