SAFCBlog – The Magic Of The Cup – Part 2/3

There’s plenty of confusion about whether to stay home, be alert, just go out etc… I’d been up for a bit before I realised it was Saturday, not only is it Saturday, it should be Cup Final Saturday!

It’s often said that there’s a real lack of SAFC FA Cup themed poetry on the Internet?………

The Magic of the Cup…… 

“Cup final day, just look at Wembley Way, Mags been in 3 on colour TV, lost to nil in all three, previews, interviews, a question of sport, Sue Barker fit tennis sort, Des Lynams tash, fans on the lash, Wembley suits, black boots, lap of honour, lamb doner, Wembley Glee, sadly never for me”

Better poem next time.

SAFCBlog – Unsocial Pandemic Poetic Shite For a While Now


Whilst we weren’t scheduled to play in todays FA Cup final, we made quite a mark in this years competition….. on the evening of Monday 9th December, Cup Fever took over the One Show, as the winners of the Gillingham vs Sunderland 1st round replay were drawn to play AFC Wimbledon or Doncaster Rovers at home…..

FA Cup 2nd round draw….

So, BBC 2 will host the draw for the FA Cup 2nd round on TV; what a time to be alive? 

My only usual exposure to council television channels is to watch the truly excellent Chase on ITV every night – as if the dark nights weren’t depressing enough, it turns out The Chase has finished….. Bradley, just communicate with us please? If you’d mentioned it on Friday, I’d have been disappointed but nothing like I felt tonight? Thank goodness that the best programme on TV, (Countdown), never ever ends.

FA Cup 2nd round draw is on TV

Testing times? The Chase is off? New programme piss poor – if I want to watch Blankety Blank or that Barrymore programme about getting lucky, (swimming pool incident aside), I’d watch Challenge TV.

Having had one TV disaster, at least I’ve got the FA Cup R2 draw to look forward to….

Sunderland face a replay against Gillingham

Gillingham aren’t great and we can obviously beat them at their gaff? Realistically on current form, we probably aren’t to going to win the FA Cup come what May? So is it worth beating Gillingham in the replay?

SAFCBlog has visited 86 of the current 91 football league grounds – so away at Newport, Salford or Forest Green would be ideal. Failing this theres 3 scenarios…..

  • Option A A team we’ve never played …. eg Altrincham or Harrogate. In the event of this draw let’s win the replay
  • Option B Someone away in our division…. eg Shrewsbury or Walsall. In the event of this, let’s not go through; best scenario is to do what we did at Oxford? Play well and draw, (not a loss and good for morale), then lose on penalties, (we can do this with ease)
  • Option C Last option is a home draw that we will win – really not bothered, but may as well beat Gillingham as it’s an extra home game and will soften the blow of 3 weeks without a game, (no Bury and on holiday for Blackpool at home).I had planned to wander down to watch Harrogate Town vs Portsmouth, but it’s cold and wet, so can’t be arsed.

Exciting times, eyes down…..

Whilst SAFC Blog isn’t a huge fan of ladies doing football, I was somewhat surprised to see the BBC had opted for an all FA Cup player line up? There’s no one more PC than SAFC Blog, so I’ve no issue with who empties the ball bag to kick start the draw….

FA Cup 2nd round draw

Balls Out

The excitement of the FA Cup 2nd round draw

Tension unbearable at my gaff….FA Cup 2nd Round Draw

FA Cup draw

FA CUP 2nd round draw…..not often you’ll get 4 sets of supporters saying for fucks sake in unison?

Sunderland to face Wimbledon or Doncaster in the fA Cup 2nd Round

So it’s Option C I guess?

Shit draw, but could be worse and I guess that’s what happens when you are a shit team in a shit league?

Too many scenarios I guess?

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