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No football to watch, Tipping Point gone weird, (why change from 4 to 3 contestants?), I’ve not, (to date), presented a daytime TV gameshow, (behave you silly twats saying I look like Dale Winton), but if I was the presenter of Tipping Point, (if I was Ben Shepherd basically), I’d be telling ITV to stick their show up their arse…..

We all have a Tipping Point Benjamin….. stay strong Bro”

Time Machine Thursday Club AKA…. Back To The Future…..

SAFCBlog Time Travel SPZL….

Doc Brown doesn’t look a day older….. but fucking hell man Marty McFly must have had a right paper-round?”

Turning Back Time….

It was my birthday yesterday, I was 51. Ordinarily the 2022 World Cup would be starting tomorrow, it’s not….. they are still building, (pushing people off stadiums), 32 years ago today ITALIA 1990 was starting……

Canigga getting wiped out on Day 1 was exactly what we wanted to see…. along with Cattermole destroying the Ginger Piss Biscuit and Eric Cantona most weeks in 1993, this was the very best of tackles.

It’s 1990…..

I was 19….. i guess at 19 you are impressionable?
  • I had a fascination with football
  • I’d discovered Away Days
  • Indie music was my world
  • Adidas trainers, flags, casual culture etc was everything……..

Just a phase I guess?

My eldest child is now the same age I was for Italia 90…… not sure whether I’d rather be myself at 19 or 51, (arguably my life expectancy is longer at 51?)

Not long till some SAFC content, hang in there…..

This pic from 1986, but lets not ever pretend that Diego wasn’t the best footballer ever?
Yes Des❤️❤️
Always better to have loved ❤️❤️❤️ always

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