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There’s definitely a case to not give this any column inches? But…. BBC Radio entertained him, my remit at SAFCBlog is to write about all things SAFC, if I’m thinking it, I write it……

Leave us alone

Sunderland, (like all cities and clubs), has its fair share of grown men who wander around in replica shirts – normally they are on holiday, out of work, just quite like doing such etc…. most of these people are decent, genuine folk, although they aren’t generally in a position to purchase a business for circa £30 million? Does anyone actually believe this blokes patter? It’s a tried and tested formula, but… telling people how rich you are, aside from being an unpleasant character trait, is normally flawed?

I’ve not, (as yet), touted myself as a potential club owner…. if was to, I’d get my people to make contact, chatting shite wouldn’t be for me…. takeover technique of opinions as always…..

Scared 1 vs Scarred 1

I love dogs, I like some people… we all know dogs and people who have been mistreated and betrayed….. SAFC has had a torrid time of late – we’re due a break? I had assumed this jobber was American? Turns out he’s not…. but I’d bet he loves a Hard Rock Cafe, Cowboy Boots and Garth Brooks?

Famous for 15 minutes…….

Really quite sad?

Warhol Wanderers 6 vs Arsehole Athletic 0

“Your time is obviously valuable than ours, may I suggest you fuck off?”

Full of Shite Friday Fiasco Club…..

We all know people like this…. “if they said it was raining I’d look out of the window”, “if you’ve been to Tenerife they’ve been to elevenerife”, “you can tell they’re talking Shite because their lips are moving”…..

Great song from the best female solo artist of a generation
“Tell Chuck Norris I’ve taken his videotapes back……”

Media Madness…..

The world is a mental place…. the written press is on its arse, 24 hour news on TV spends the day looking for stuff to be offended by, even a shite blog can draw in 262’000 visits in just ever a year….

News = Bag of shite

So…. news has changed as has the way in which we consume news. There’s lots of positives to this ….. the flip side is there’s some real nonsense out there? If you go back 15 years, this clown wouldn’t be getting the platform he is now….. if you were to go into Wetherspoons any morning of the week there would be…..heavyweight champions of the world, dot com millionaires, male models, scratch golfers, police marksmen, albeit drinking £1.39 pints of Ruddles Best Bitter, with gravy on their jumpers. We live in a world where people who used to wrote in green crayon can now command a worldwide audience, loads of oositives to this – but negatives too.

SAFCBlog Verdict…..

“Move along, move along, nothing to see here…..

Serious Bid FC 0 vs Talking Shite Town 3

Sometimes things are a poor idea with no legs…..

Let’s move on and find them minted folk to buy the biggest club in the North East of England, (including Yorkshire)

SAFCBlog – 6/10 Social Media – FTM

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