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A long way…….

It’s a long way, but we’ll get there, M25 a ball ache, but it’s slightly easier than meeting Banksy, getting a decent Garry Summerson photo, or securing a front row seat at Westminster Abbey on Monday? Thankfully SAFCBlog is all over the travel logistics?

It doesn’t just happen?

SAFCBlog Photography Update

One job? ”

Another long trip Saturday, new photographer having a trial…… over to you Gary

A ’reasun’ to believe?

Smash this Berkshire jobbers?

Hit The South

It’s categorically South, but not a straight line, I don’t know the name of the service station we went to for Swansea and Cheltenham, but it may be on the radar on Wednesday?
Swansea 2 vs Sunderland 4
Cheltenham 2 vs Sunderland 1
5 years on, 2 divisions lower…….. form is temporary, floors are permanent ❤️

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