SAFCBlog Tuesday Nightshift Bonus Edidition

We all have our routines, Monday to Friday, (match-days aside), I watch the last 20 minutes of Tipping Point, then The Chase, then the headlines on Calendar, then I cook, I’ve no issue with anyone else’s routine, or even lack of routine, but that’s what I choose.

I’ve not, (to date), worked in the Scheduling of TV programmes, there are hundreds of channels including numerous news channels, Shirley there’s enough channels / flexibility for everyone to watch what they want? I actually quite enjoy watching reruns of Come Dine With Me on 4Seven, but it’s not what I’d choose and it doesn’t enable me to stick to my chosen routine.

Wednesday the new Tuesday?

We generally always play on a Tuesday when we play midweek, (regardless of what division we’re in), tomorrow is our 5th midweek game of the season, (Weds 4 vs Mon 1 vs Tues 0).

“🐶Wednesday? Fucking Wednesday? You’ll be saying you’ll not be back til 3am in the morning next knobhead?🐶 order yourself a job lot of remote control’s eh?”

Another exciting SAFCBlog Competition

Struggling for content, so what better time to announce another exciting competition. After the excitement of last week when 2 randomly chosen winners won a book, SAFCBlog has teamed up with North East based Football Terracewear brand and have 2 t shirts to give away to two lucky winners. There’s no need to like, retweet, follow etc, the SAFCBlog Super Computer will select 2 lucky winners completely at random from anyone who reads this article tonight.

Our Manager

I was happy with our previous manager, but he decided to downgrade to Stoke, so he’s history now, I like Tony Mowbray, I really hope it works out well for him here, I really do. He just seems a mint bloke doesn’t he?

Black vs Brown

No it’s not a new daft tweet from that silly prick Trevor Sinclair….. I’m not someone who often wears long trousers, if I did and I wore black or grey slacks, (which I wouldn’t), I’d wear black shoes. Like Tony I’d choose a blue, (or perhaps khaki), trouser – which would obviously mean brown shoes? I’m not suggesting Tony ditches the blue trousers, just wear brown shoes Tony – Simple’s?

I tried…..
Random draw my arse? Legitimate Adidas Collectors FC 0 vs Multiple Email Address Knobbers 1, (Bay, E, 38)

You’ve got mail…..

Bumper haul today with Postmen back from their mid season break


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