SAFCBlog Unsocial Social Media – January

Steve Parkin Sunderland

SAFCBlog Unsocial Social Media – January

December is normally a huge month for football, bizarrely we only had 4 games due to the plight of Bury and our decision not to bother with the FA Cup this season. January on the other hand is looking massive, 2 games played already and another 4 still to come. Momentum in football is huge – it’s not long since we couldn’t buy a win? But if we were to beat Wycombe on Saturday – fixtures against MK dons, Doncaster and Tranmere don’t look too daunting. 

Whilst the sensible thing is to say don’t get carried away, one game at a time etc….. that’s not what being a football fan is about, so bollocks to that, SAFCBlog will be getting carried away and looks forward to our march towards the League 1 title……

january a big month for Sunderland

Having a load of games in January is great, as otherwise it’s a pretty shite month? Everyone is skint and there’s the January sales….. our owner has embraced this by being skint and offering the club for sale. There’s also the January transfer window, once we sign a striker SAFCBlog will be on hand to write an article welcoming him to the club. 

SAFCBlog Unsocial Social Media January

Defoe, (pictured left), best January signing ever!

Will Grigg signed by Sunderland in last years January transfer window

Grigg, (pictured right), not a very good January signing!

Sunderland’s January transfer window

Latest reports are that Kyle Lafferty will be signing, whilst this won’t totally solve our problems up front, I reckon he will be a decent addition. 

We seem to be seeing a positive shift from the shithouse McGeady mentality to being tougher, committed and a real team unit? Lafferty fits this model perfectly, as he’s a bit of a nasty fucker on the pitch, (in a good way). He’s also scored goals for Northern Ireland so he must be good……..

Kyle Lafferty rumoured to be a target for Sunderland in January

Kyle Lafferty – decent attitude and a good addition?

Steve Parkin Sunderland

Steve Parkin – building team spirit, (also eats raw meat for breakfast)

So perhaps January isn’t such a bad month after all? Loads of games to look forward to and a real air of positivity – SAFCBlog will of course preview and review all the games, as well as writing a load of other shite on a regular basis – what a time to be alive?

SAFCBlog Unsocial social media January

It’s not so bad after all……….. days getting longer, loads of footie, momentum building…….

Halfway through the season now and loads to play for – let’s just hope our last game of the season is at Rotherham rather than Wembley?

Rotherham, Sunderland's final game of the season?
Rotherham….. a much better day out than Wembley


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