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New Man in Town….. Arbenit Xhemajli

Plus 1 more for the last ‘I’ – impressive stats

Player Profile…..

I don’t know anything about him, I’ve had a busy day and cannot be arsed to extensively research. I’m sure the more relatable and reputable fan sites will offer plenty of info. Thankfully SAFCBlog knows a bit about his homeland….


Technically Kosovo is part of Serbia, since 1999 they have been under the jurisdiction of the UN. 90% of the 2 million population are ethnic Albanian who want full independence.

Same music? Bet that’s a decent listen?

The most famous Albanian is Mother Teresa, who prior to going all showbiz and opening a shit cave in Knaresborough was a reputable type. 

Not going to make the shortlist for the ‘SAFCBlog Calendar’, but seemed a decent lady?

Apathy Albion 0 vs Apocalyptic Prediction Panthers 1, (Grigg, 56 pen)

Lots of old people talk a load of shite, fair dos to them. MT made predictions……..

“Just get Le Metro love, do not, I repeat DO NOT get in a Mercedes”

Other SAFC News……

Danny Graham?… not for me, never look back. 52 goals in 176 games for Blackburn, (mostly in Championship), is decent, but he’s 35….

Danny Graham – not for me. Maybe in January but not now

William Storey….. Just leave us alone you mentalist

Cooking Lager Corinthians 1 vs Decent Beer Dynamos 0

New 5 year deal….. “what lager do you have??” ….. “we have Coors, (pish), Carling, (cooking lager) and Staropraham, (like a mix of rocket fuel and red diesel)”

The Final Countdown……

Going full circle to the Scrabble reference, Countdown is a TV version of scrabble. It was the first ever programme on C4 almost 40 years ago. Whilst the new 2.10pm slot means I miss the odd episode, (work, work, work) – it remains the best programme on TV.

SAFCBlog is now a respected media outlet, gone are the days of cheap pictures of Anna Friel scantily clad, in bygone days, Countdown would have been used to link to the ladies who present it…..

“All Susie Dent aren’t we?”

Music is everything, this couldn’t be further away from my preferred genre of the 80s/90s… but sometimes a great song just comes around ……LETS ROCK….

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