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“Tier we go, Tier we go, Tier we go……”

BIG news yesterday that fans were going to be gradually reintroduced to football stadiums, (*)

(* given Sunderland looks like being in Tier 3, it looks like the job remains fucked). 

“Here’s some graphs that you poor Northern Monkeys won’t understand, just stay at home you fucking peasants”

Chris Witty doesn’t look like a massive football fan, he might have done corporate at Stamford bridge but I’d suspect he doesn’t give a shit about the beautiful game?

Further positive news as regards returning to normality is the development of a Vaccine. This has to be good news, Oxford University seem to be leading the way with this……

Reports of a ‘little prick from Oxford’ being the answer…… I remain sceptical

The Beautiful Game……

It’s no secret I love football, I tend to write about SAFC rather than football in more general terms. Diego Maradona died today……

I’m proudly British and I’m proudly English, there’s an obvious link between Diego and the English National team. We all know what happened on that night in June 1986.

Genius is often flawed, we all know his affection for Columbia’s Finest….. but he was categorically the greatest footballer I’ve ever seen. Football is a physical game, it wasn’t until 1992 that the skilful players got any protection, when the tackle from behind was outlawed. 

What he achieved for Argentina is well documented, his time at Napoli was just sensational. ‘He went to one of the poorest cities in the world, and he literally made dreams come true’. There will be all manner of decent articles written over the coming days by proper journalists, I can’t compete with such folly, but…… if you haven’t already watched the film ‘Diego’ watch it. Secondly, (although a few more logistics involved), go to Naples and marvel at the street art of him, it’s absolutely breathtaking

Genius = Flawed

It’s hard  to argue about what he achieved in football, sadly no one does it all?

I don’t know how we’d have done it, but we’d have made him shite – 100%

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