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Saturday 08/12/18 in Accrington is officially the ‘wettest day ever recorded – although nice to see first rain in ages today.’,

This Sporting Life 2020

“Game On……..”

Still very little to get excited about on the sporting front, but sport does at least seem to be limping back into our lives. SAFCBlog still views dying of a pandemic as a negative, but lots seem to be less worried, disease of opinions as always?

The Bundesliga returned the other week, each to their own, but it’s of zero interest to me

German Football – better than nothing, (but only just)

Despite no crowds, Horse Racing is back in pretty much full swing…..

The Sport of Kings – good to see SAFCBlog favourite The Queen out on this 14 year old Fell Pony, Fern. Nice to read a positive story about a member of the Royals mounting and riding a 14 year old

Also back in full swing is Pigeon Racing, in a time when we are starved of sport, hopefully this wonderful sport will gain the recognition and coverage it deserves

“And they’re off…….”

Sport or Nought?

A rule of thumb for SAFCBlog is, “it’s only a sport if you have to change your footwear?” – snooker is popular and the Championship Snooker League is underway

Snooker = sport❌ …….Game✅

The Greatest Show on Earth…..

……. or so we are led to believe? The Premiership starts in a few weeks. It’ll be shit behind closed doors. I also think the standard will be shit…… Spurs Vs Liverpool in the CL Final last year was billed to be a classic – it was shite. The players had 2 weeks off before it, footballers are supreme athletes they can’t just switch it on and off, expect a lack of quality when the Premiership returns…. Although SKY and Liverpool will pretend otherwise?

“Game Off…….”

The EFL are still fucking about with L1, the next BIG meeting was scheduled for next Monday – but turns out they’ve not got the Ballot Papers out yet, and then they need 5 days, so a further delay on the cards! There seems to be a, (self imposed), deadline of 31 July to get everything played…… just fucking void the season and we’ll go again next year eh?

The Women’s Super League has been curtailed, as they didn’t want to play behind closed doors, (honestly, Google it)

‘Don’t Shoot the Messenger’

So…… more famine than feast at the moment for those trying to write a Football Blog.? I’ll be back in a few days with more nonsense 

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