SAFCBlog Wet Wednesday Winners Enclosure

POVID Positivity Pandemic Panthers 1 vs COVID Misery Masons 0, (Grigg, 13)

“Daddy Lion, those lights… they shine so much brighter than here in SR4?”…..”don’t be fooled young cub, those lights are Newcastle….they punch horses, shout at shops and wear clothes covered in gravy, they are a different breed”

3 more sleeps to go……

Til we play Swindon Away….. it has the makings of a mint day out…. first trip there this century, long way, 7am beer club mobilised, aside from Oxford, (already missed), it’s a chance to visit ‘SAFCBlog Service Station of the year finalist 2019/20 etc…..sadly, I’ll be paying £10 to watch a stream of the game.

Worlds gone mad, strange days etc….

Yep, I’d love an Away day, to be honest I’m getting to the point where I’d consider going to Barrymores for a pool party? Strange days indeed. I can no longer be arsed to comment on football finance or our owners; after a 8 week wall of silence from them, I see the mention of ££££ has awoken them?

The beautiful game……

SAFCBlog 1 vs SKY News 0, (Friel, 25)

The footballing week……

Kimpioka not only managed to get out of bed yesterday, he bagged a brace for the reserves✅

Phil has had his hair cut✅

Hair ~ a right mess
Hair ~ functional

Big day for Phil on Saturday, he wore his best jumper at Charlton. He’s had 2 weeks off, so he may well have been shopping? I’ve not, (to date), managed SAFC…. But if I did, (or do get the chance), I’d wear a versatile, high quality reasonably priced Swedish inspired long sleeved polo shirt.

Also available in grey Phil…… better than a shit shellsuit with your initials on and I’m led to believe from the people involved at this innovative independent Sunderland based clothing brand, that you could have a couple for nowt!

Jack Watch episode #33….

I’m delighted that Phil is our manager and I’m 100% of the belief that he will get the job done this season. He’s the right man at the right time. 

Hindsight is huge, but it was too bigger job, too soon for Jack, but he wore it very fucking well…..

“A trackie? Nah, wee man, get ta fuck ya pish bastard. These is ma pyjamas that I wear at neet- aye, ya ken ma?”
“And floss….. Just muv ya arms like me wee man, it’s a piece of pish, aye”
“Good win gaffer, only a cup game vs Forfar, but the most important thing was a clean sheet and a win?”….. “aye, wadda ya think aboot ma cardigan? Zip or buttons wee man?”

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