SAFCBlog – What Day Is It?

Routine is a positive, we normally play on a Saturday and sometimes on a Tuesday…. the phrase “he doesn’t know what day it is…..”, is on occasions levelled at SAFCBlog. That can mean….. he’s non stop with work or he’s clearly not got a proper job.

How The Other Half Live…..

Fair play to Oxford and Blackpool on a decent season, but let’s not pretend either are any good. Oxford are currently a bit better than us, Blackpool are about the same as us – but have the edge psychologically – ultimately it’s a low bar? These two meet tomorrow night, play off games are normally pretty tight and tough to call. I reckon as long as Blackpool do not lose by more than 1, I’d make them favourites to go through; the atmosphere at Oxford is shit, whereas I think if Blackpool get them back to the NW level or slightly worse, they will win as their fans are on a real high with Post Oyston, this seasons finish etc… SAFCBlog Predicts ….. Oxford 1 vs Blackpool 0, (but Blackpool overall).

I’m out of graph paper and have used blue pen for Oxford rather than the obvious choice of yellow, (it’s hard to see yellow on white), anyway as always all pretty self explanatory….

Normal life is returning, it’s been a long slog – but it feels like we’re on the home straight now, being able to go to the football is hugely exciting, as is being able to go to gigs…. plenty on the SAFCBlog horizon, Skylights, Charlatans, Shed 7 and New Order. When New Order play Heaton Park, it will be the 5th decade I’ve seen them in….

….. enough to make you feel old.

May 18th tomorrow, the anniversary of Ian Curtis’s untimely death, No Ian Curtis > No Joy Division > No New Order > where the hell would that leave us?

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