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Good to see Bennette getting game time today, whilst he has magic in his boots, sadly he’s playing as a lone striker for a piss poor team against a very good team, safe to say there’s no danger of him not being back in time to terrorise Millwall and West Brom?

The World Cup

I love the World Cup, it’s brilliant, lots of discussion about the ethics and rightly so, but it’s here now, so it’s great just to enjoy some class footie. Not had chance to watch too much of it yet, but got a full day off on Friday , so going to fully embrace the WC experience, 4 games including England and Sunderland, proper fucking day – can’t wait💥 USA half decent, we need to get straight into them⚽️

Warm Weather Training

We all love a bit of warm weather, just makes us feel better, but let’s not pretend that the lads aren’t just fucking about on holiday, with the small distraction of playing some Arabs on Friday, although good to see Ross Stewart looking fit to maximise his sale value in the January Transfer Window. I’ll obviously watch us play on Friday, it always feels like a long week with no mid week action, a 2 week break is absolute torture, Friday can’t come quick enough.

Absolutely smash these on Friday, SAFCBlog predicts ….. Al-Shabab 0 vs SAFC 6⚽️✅💥🍕🛏🔴⚪️⚽️🐶

Not long til Millwall

Be here before we know it, early kick off and potential for England to be playing at 4pm, proper day💥 Christmas is average at best, although the date has been designated for the SAFCBlog Xmas Party, invites imminent to the key people imminent🍺⚽️❤️ RSVP ASAP

967/1000 and Blog getting worse

Agree 100%, tough gig writing a SAFCBlog when there’s no SAFC?

SAFCBlog – Average at best – FTM

WFL, (think about the future)

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