Saturday Afternoon SAFC Blues

Saturday afternoon SAFC Blues

Saturday afternoon SAFC blues

Saturday afternoon SAFC blues
Feeling Blue?

Sunderland football shirts Saturday afternoon SAFC blues

I’m writing this at what should be half time at Blackpool. Whilst the media haven’t widely reported it, COVID-19 is here!

No football what should I do
Saturday 3pm – “hello darkness my old friend”

No footie for a while……

It got to the stage when suspension of the season became inevitable? We are entering into the unknown and unchartered territory – impossible to say, but will the season ever be finished? I’ve often cited on here that football is just a game, never more has this been the case. Time will tell, but it’s looking highly unlikely we will see any competitive footie til August?

What about this season?

Whilst it will have winners and losers, for me – just call it a day and come back in August, (assuming the suspension goes well past 03rd April?).

There’s always going to be winners and losers?


Saturday afternoon SAFC Blues
“Thou shalt not go to the match”

The long game……

I love football – like many others a miserable few months beckons? But…. keep smiling and FTM

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Saturday Afternoon SAFC Blues …

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