Saturday….. the Day we play the game.

Saturday..... The Day We Play The Game

Bonkers few weeks for SAFC; thankfully come 3pm tomorrow we’ll be back doing what really matters and what connects us. Loads of opinions on the managerial appointment, loads of takeover rumours, loads of in the know exclusives and lots of social media activity, (both good and not so good)

But….. 3pm tomorrow is right where’s it at? My opinion, (which means shit all), is that we’ve made the best appointment we could, I genuinely believe that we will get automatic promotion this season, I really do./

Thankfully the fixtures are about to come thick and fast….. Wycombe Sat, Tranmere Tues, Shrews Sat, Oxford Tues, Another team Sat. SAFCBlog is having a rare day off tomorrow from the match, but needless to say, I’ll be at the games moving forward.

The origin of this Award Winning** Blog, was match previews and reviews. Loads of other stuff happening recently… but as of tomorrow – I’ll revert to match previews and reports and stop posting a load of links to music.

(** not actually true)

I’m genuinely excited about the managerial appointment, (cheers SKYBET)…. we’ve been in free fall for years, but I really do think that something good is going to happen…..

…. Glory Days just around the corner?

Cutting edge journalism back on the menu tomorrow with a Tranmere Preview.

One last tune for a while….. as requested by Colin Greenwood; there’s not enough songs about, hairy handed gents, running amok in Kent, eating beef chow mein and drinking pina colada…..




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