Seaside Saturday’s – Blackpool Away In Preview

Last Night…..

We were shite, it happens, but fucking hell man we were absolutely dreadful. The Social Media Histrionics will rumble on, you know where to read that stuff, it’s not really my bag, but game of opinions etc…

Prior to last night I was confident we’d win the game, even before Wyke scored i remained confident, Wigan lacked quality and given we are a team with aspirations of the top 2, going 1-0 up should really have been game over. We can only concentrate on our own performances, (shite last night), and we can only take 1 game at a time, (we now have 6 not 7 remaining).

It’s not a sprint….

In many ways looking at single games in isolation is not appropriate over a 46 game season, but last nights game merits some analysis. We weren’t great on Saturday, but a couple of great saves and a miss in the 1st half defined the result, it was actually the type of performance that has led to many of our victories. Last night we 100% deserved nowt, our defensive injuries are not insignificant- but regardless of this and regardless of the level…. the 4 goals we have conceded this week have come from the ball bouncing inside our own 6 yard box – that is unforgivable at any level. These are not goals that have been crafted and crucially they are not goals that require any skill to prevent…. goals from inside the 6 yard box are prevented by bodies on the line, commitment, grit, taking responsibility, not being weak as piss etc…. whilst a lack of skill is frustrating, a lack of heart is unforgivable.


International Friendlies are normally pretty shite, often the 1st half is good and then 5 or 6 subs kill the game as it naturally becomes disjointed. I’m realistic, sadly we are an established division 3 team, we can attract reasonable gaffers – but the likes of Guardiola & Bielsa are not on our radar. I’ll always back our gaffer, anyone who reads this regularly will know I didn’t agree with the decision and timing of getting rid of Parkinson, but…. when time runs out for LJ, whether that be a month or a year, I genuinely believe KLD will bring in a foreign gaffer with the skills set to really take us forward, obviously we can have a summer of Phillips and Defoe for joint manager, bring back Big Sam etc

Can anyone make a genuine case for this being a plan, as opposed to a panic?

The Here and Now….

6 games > 1 at a time > win them all > automatic promotion. We have to just keep on keeping on, 2 years ago we headed into the Play Offs thinking, if only we’d not conceded at Peterborough, capitulated vs Coventry etc – every team will have their what ifs, but let’s give it everything while we are still in with a chance.

Up Next….

Blackpool haven’t lost for ages, they draw a lot, they have loads to play for. They’d have to really go some to get in the top 2, so they may not be unhappy with a draw, for us we may as well lose having a go as draw? I’d like to think the players are hurting, so hopefully we see a reaction. SAFCBlog predicts…. BFC 2 vs SAFC 0, not my usual stance, I just think we look a Busted Flush, I obviously hope I am wrong

Blackpool FC….

We’ve recently got rid of shithouse owners, the level of mismanagement we had doesn’t compare to what they’ve been through. football is a great game, football fans are great people, thankfully they have their club back.

I’ll have a crack over the next few days at a proper preview of what BFC will offer on Saturday, I’ll be honest I’m still flat as fuck from last nights game.

Blackpool Tower

Loads of links with French France as tower is similar.

(** insert something funny in here when less pissed off about last night)

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