“Shoe Are Ya?” Cobblers preview and some shite lower league midweek games

No game for us tonight, but a few games that may make the playoff picture a bit clearer?
“Survival of the shittest…….”

Tonight’s action….

Whilst fully committed to the Division 3 Scene, I’m going to watch Man City vs PSG tonight, but will obviously keep a track on events in the capital, the NW coast and a shit inbred pseudo Welsh Town in the middle of nowhere.

Up next…. Northampton Town

Our game against them in January was one of the worst games of football I’ve ever seen…. quite a statement given the team who this blog is focused on! It was utter shite, Northampton are crap, we will beat them, 3-0.

The Town….

Bauhaus…. it might sound like a middle class sofa shop, but……

You learn a lot doing a shite blog, actually I’m not sure you do really, but something I’ve learned is that Bauhaus are from Northampton.

The Team….

For the Cobblers, I’ve seen them twice and both times, they’ve looked quite good at some things, but just not very good at scoring or not conceding. That seems a stupid comment – what I mean is, some other teams have employed zero ambition, spoiling tactics, and both times I’ve seen Northampton they have had a go at winning the game, but not won, largely because they seem to fall apart whenever they get near the goal.

Tonight’s action continued….

5 years ago today, I was watching us beat Chelsea in front of 44’000, a win that proved the catalyst for our 10th consecutive premier league season, a few weeks later our gaffer was poached to be the national team boss…… tonight I’m watching a Blackpool YouTube channel and writing a preview of our forthcoming game vs Northampton Town…. living the dream ⚽️🍊💥🔴⚪️⚫️⚽️
Never say never….. but I can’t imagine in 5 years time I’ll be looking at a picture from Sunday’s game vs Northampton Town on my mancave wall?

Division 3 watch…

Play offs….

As it stands I don’t think we will get promoted, but we might, I’m not arsed who we play, I just worry about our resolve as a team, but time will tell. If we weren’t us, I’d quite fancy playing us over 2 games, if that makes sense? The best bit about the playoffs is it’s akin to a free hit? Following on from ownership by an absolute shithouse of an excuse for a man, we are now in safe hands. Most of the squad are out of contract…. so we either, sack them all of and piss division 3 or sack them all off and have a crack at Division 2?, (* all = vast majority)

Playoffs? Let’s play football….

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