Shrewsbury Town Away in Preview…

Had we lost yesterday things would be pretty bad, we didn’t lose – we won, we have 2 games this week against 2 crap teams, there’s definitely an opportunity….

Right Lads, these lower league jobbers can’t even decide whether they are English or Welsh or how to pronounce their own name….. now’s the time to kick on and go on a winning run🔴⚪️⚽️

The Match….

We’ve been pretty poor of late, but given our expectations and aspirations, this is a game we need to win. SAFCBlog Predicts…… STFC 0 vs SAFC 2

Last time we’re there it absolutely passed it down and we lost 0-1 in a crap game, we saw a dead swan on the motorway.

“Wetter than an otters pocket”
“Good afternoon Shrewsbury….. LET’S ROCK 💥💥”

“Shrew Are Ya?”

Shrewsbury is a right bastard to get to, not ideal for a midweek game – but that’s the nature of lower league football? Given that it’s essentially a nothing place, there’s absolutely shit loads of famous folk from the town….

Charles Darwin….

Nowadays beards are commonplace with hipsters, vegans, arty types and lazy scruffy people, historically they were the domain of clever people like Charles Darwin?

Mag Slayer Steven Fletcher…..

“Well bugger me unconscious with a telescopic metal pool cleaner and chuck me in Barrymores pool…….” I’d always assumed he was Scotch?

80s Pop Superstar Carol Decker…..

John Peel…….

“Thankyou for the music”

Percy Thrower…..

See you down Shrewsbury ⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️
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