Six Years Man…… 🔴⚪️⚫️⚽️

This Day Six Years Ago….

Just mental…… like loads of others I watched in disbelief at home, no point going to France to watch us demolish a load of cold weather bus drivers, all about the 1/4 finals now?

Club 0 vs Country 1, (Telegraph, D, 66)

Sometimes when I’m out walking the dogs, I lose myself and analyse how I’ve come to be thinking about what I’m thinking about….. Shirley we all do this, Shirley? 6 years ago > England lose to Iceland > Roy departs > Sam enters…. nowt could ever make me prouder for the SAFC gaffer to be selected as the England gaffer….. but what a fucking waste man…. as we left after staying up vs Everton, the good times were imminent > England lose to Iceland > the rest is History*, (*abject fucking misery)
A disgrace, 100%
Sams last night at the SOL….. also dads last game at the SOL….. I’ve got a camera phone, an ipad, fucking loads of highlighter pens….. but I’ve got loads more than that…

Reportage 0 vs Memories 2, (Paige, E, 23. Streisand, B, own goal 89)

Loved it sam ❤️ never look back….. always, always, always better to have loved and lost than not felt the love⚽️❤️ Big Sam my 2nd favourite Sam…..

Big fan of 2 up front…..
Le Joyeux de Six🇫🇷 – FTM – Art can imitate music ❤️⚽️🍊

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