Some More Morecambe Match Thoughts…….

The Match….

We did everything required of a top 4 team against a bottom 4 team, they were crap, yes their keeper was short and fat, but….. no one ever won 5-0 without putting in a good performance? I’d be all over their number 9 in January? 3 or 400 grand should do it, he looks a right player? Add £8 to get the scruffy twat a sensible haircut and we’ve had a right touch, up there with when Alfie Flowers shifted those broken lawnmower engines on to Rodney and Micky Pearce?

Off the Pitch…..

It’s big day out for Morecambe, quite possibly the biggest in their history, this doesn’t excuse a minority of them behaving like bellends? Throwing flares on the pitch is poor, throwing flares into a section of fans is piss, piss poor! Instinctively I’d rather not give them any column inches, 26’000 in any walk of life will inevitably include a few bell ends? I’m 50, I’ll sing the odd pro SAFC song, but it’s not really my bag, but let’s remember before we cry about the AJ songs…. We’ve been giving to Boro on that subject for years, our fans sing that garden shed bollocks, there were fans singing about Wkye last night, yes he’s left for more dosh – he had a fucking heart attack last week and won’t play football again.

Yes they behaved like bellends, rumours of those pricks up the road in attendance, that’s as maybe, obviously if any of them present the Cockwomble Coefficient, ™, is off the fucking wall? Ultimately the best way to avoid these lower league knobbers, is to get promoted!

No place for flares in the beautiful game, (everything comes round though)

Sniffer Dog Rovers 0 vs Pyrotechnic Athletic 1, (Fawkes, G, 5)….

once again the highly trained spaniels must have been licking their bollocks whilst fans entered the stadium with said shite fireworks?

Blogging and Dogging in Isolation…..

Not everyone is in a position to waste 2 days a week travelling the country watching this shower? Part of penning an award winning, (*), blog is answering to no one? No fucker tells me what to do…..

And where the fucking hell have you been til this time??? FFS …… please don’t tell me there was another flare thrown from the North Stand? This lazy fat brown fucker might not be any use, but I’m good to fucking go….FTM”


You’d have to think Rotherham will win this league, (100 points I’d say?), at this stage I’d say it’s us or Wigan for the other slot?

You Are What You Scran?

Did a graph today to represent the first 4 instalments of Dish of the Kris Day….. I can’t find it, I’ll subtlety weave it into the Plymouth Preview⚽️🌎

Massive game Saturday ….. win that and it’s looking good?

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