Southend v Sunderland review

When the fixtures came out, it looked like a great last day, Sunderland away at Southend…..Half way through the season it looked like a great last day…. after winning at Accrington and Rochdale it looked like a great last day…..

Following a few shite results ~ it now looks like a long way for a meaningless game!?

Looks more like a garden centre than a train station?

Not sure which ones Donna ~ but I’m going to save my money

Occasionally you get a great photo …. man in yellow coat chills whilst his dog has a pint of Stella ~ nothing to add

Pub bouncer….. To be fair when James Corden shagged Nessa in Gavin and Tracey…. he was fatter and less famous and rich?

“And it’s over to Paul Merson at the Pisscan Arena…”

Pretty sure this bloke was in The Hangover??

After the excitement of kebabs being sold on the concourse at Peterborough ~ it’s more leisure centre / soup kitchen at Southend?
Another shit ground

Game on
Just in case anyone was unsure as to whether knives and darts were ok?
I know we’re lucky to have decent ground ~ but surely asbestos roofs have had their day?

Half time 0~1

Full time 1~2

Game over

Go again Saturday


In Jack We Trust

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