Southend v Sunderland preview

Had hoped it would be our last game – not to be.

Not much happens in Southend

  • Got a pier, which once featured in Minder, (London based TV drama glorifying wrong uns)
  • John Lloyd, (tennis player), is from Southend. He was famous for getting off with Chris Evert, (fitter version of Sue Barker)
Slipped her on like an old wellington boot, (allegedly)

Southend is a bit of a shithole – but it’s near the sea which is nice. The town featured in a prequel to ‘Made in Chelsea’ – the focal point being the leafy suburbs of Jaywick

Makes Sunderland look like Monaco

Phil Brown, (famous for working with Big Sam), was their manager – but they sacked him
Phil Brown

Their new manager is Kevin Bond, (pictured below)

Which ones you Kevin?

No idea where they are in the league – they were shite at SOL though.

Nothing game – but may as well win.

Stan Collymore made his name playing for Southend – many years before he got into trouble for slapping Ulrika and a few years before he got into dogging.

Their mascot has cocks for arms


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