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We play Peterborough tomorrow, or to give them their nickname, ‘The Posh’. Less reputable media outlets than the Award Winning SAFCBlog(*), may use this as a lazy, cheap Posh Spice type headline?  Not for me….. forgetting the ginger one and the scrawny one, Posh is only #3 for me. Bunton probably my favourite, but SAFCBlog is realistic if nothing else, so the one from Seacroft with the big bangers wins the day.

Normality Nomads 0 vs Recession Rovers Reserves 1, (Cummings, 29)

Writing off attendees at professional football is a poor decision and just wrong. Last time we played Peterborough, (admittedly a big day out), resulted in the following contribution to the economy…..

  • Taxi to York £32
  • Breakfast beers in Spoons £5
  • Starbucks £3
  •  Train cans £12
  • Train ticket £58
  • Newspapers £2
  • Ale in Peterborough £30
  • Taxi to ground £6
  • Pie £3
  • Match ticket £28
  • Beers in ground £12
  • Post match beers £15
  • Kebab £6
  • York station beers £6
  • Uber to Harrogate £36

I’m not for one minute suggesting anyone should allude to my away day lifestyle choices…… BUT….. whilst not big and clever, I contributed £254 to various economies….. tomorrow I’ll prob buy a 4 pack and sone crisps, (£6), to watch the game online, (£10). Football, towns and communities cannot and will not survive til March – 100%

Peterborough in August – those were the days

Friday Fun Factory…..

Early knock from work, early doors beers, nice tea, early night….. as tomorrow is the day we play the game….. but it’s not, it’s heartbreaking…..

SAFCBlog – Not that good to start with and getting worse – FTM

The question was raised on Thursday as to….. just what is it that you want to do? …. a Flowered Up Weekender? To Live for the Weekend with Hard-Fi?   Nah…… I’ll tell you what I want, what I really, really want……

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