St Mirren Away Pre Season

Whilst we wait for selfie king Stewart Donald to flip the club and make few quid to facilitate a pot to piss in, (not the views of SAFCBlog). We have a friendly at Scotch Club St Mirren to arrange. The only free Saturday is 27 July ~ there had been talk of a home friendly that day; but SAFCBlog would rather have a day on the piss in Scotchland rather than host a shit Bundesliga team?

My fellow serious journalists at BBC, ESPN etc suggested filtering email communications ~ but at this stage, all communications welcome.

Mixed bag today, but cutting edge journalism is always going to polarise opinions?

Coleen Greenwood of Pannal, wrote “hey bro, let’s do a Mochachino on the terrace one day big boy”, (bit weird?)

Drew Peacock of Scarborough said, “I’m a butcher ~ I like this blog. Would you like to go on holiday with me”, (once again a bit weird?)

Bob Ballesteros of sunningdale said, “I’ve seen things;

Stewart Donald of Oxford wrote, “great blog bro, send me a message on twitter dude ~ I’ll do a selfie and you can blow some smoke up my arse, (categorically not the views of SAFCBlog”)

Bit shit playing St Mirren, but better than watching cricket?

Scotchland has 2 towns, Edinburgh and Glasgow ~ scotch people are always steaming drunk

St Mirren
Scotchland ~ load of pisscans
St Mirren
Scotch people ~ idiots

St Mirren is in Paisley? Prince, (not quite as bad as Michael Jackson), had something to do with Paisley Park

“Free entry for kids???????”

Like most places in Scotchland, it’ll not be overly friendly ~ but they are mostly simple people.

Loads of famous people from Paisley……

Weird badge? Bit Masonic?
St Mirren
Newley installed management duo of Oran Kearney and someone else

David Tennant is from Paisley, he was Doctor Who prior to the world going PC mad ~ female doctor??? Not watched Nurse Who ~ not my bag

David Tennant

Another famous Paisley descendent is John Byrne, (1950s author)




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