Stewart donald – where do we go from here?

Stewart Donald Sunderland owner

Stewart Donald – where do we go from here?

It’s well over a Year since Stewart Donald arrived at Sunderland, it’s no secret that we are not the steadiest of clubs, but, (now more than ever), there are some questions/concerns. Needless to say there’s no place for abuse in any walk of like, (sadly the internet gives a voice to some who wouldn’t be able or prepared to voice their feelings otherwise). That said, debate and opinions are healthy and as often said, football is a game of opinions.

Whilst opinions vary, one thing that is a definite is that, Stewart Donald has said he has ceased any fan liaison/contact and he will not be attending the games. However we arrived at this point, nothing good can come out of it for the club of which he is the owner?

It’s no secret that SAFCBlog was never really convinced that all that glittered was gold, with regard to the takeover. No one should suffer abuse, but there’s also a case to dismiss and rise above it; I’d also expect a club statement and Northumbria Police statement if the level of criticism had reached vitriol?

The arrival of the new owners was lauded, hugely due to its transparency, sadly if you put yourself in the firing line, you will occasionally get a bit of criticism, (being on Twitter was never going to end well).

Whilst I consider myself to be a rationale, passionate fan…. I’ve never had any experience of owning a football club. BUT…… I have; lived a bit, been on committees, been a trustee of a charity, I also hold a couple of directorships. Being loved is a nice idea – but it’s just not the real world, (in my opinion)

Stewart Donald Sunderland owner

I take thee, for better or worse”

So whats gone wrong for Stewart Donald and Sunderland?

Bridge over troubled waters at Sunderland

“Just how troubled are the waters over this bridge?”

So what’s gone wrong?

  • Did the owners gamble on promotion?
  • Theres no money?
  • The adulation was ideal, but don’t want any criticism?
  • Its a fucking massive job, and has become more so now the dust has settled/honeymoon is over?
  • Selfies, buying beers and high fives; not a long term strategy?
  • The clubs too big for them?

Who knows? But an absent owner is not good?

With Stewart Donald in the background, it’s up to Charlie to talk to fans about himself?

Charlie Methven resigns

The SAFCBlog view

I keep saying, it’s a game of opinions… but it’s so true. There’s no place for abuse, but opinions, (including criticism), are generally healthy? It’s a feasible argument that SD’s withdrawal and the slipping of his crown are possibly related?

I just write a shite blog, in no way do I speak for anyone else….. but for what it’s worth, here’s my, (brief), opinion;

A huge football club was acquired for very little cost. We had a fan base that had been through the mill and really wanted someone to love and to be loved. 

Beers, podcasts, talk-ins, away end appearances, tweets etc ticked boxes for a short while – but it’s not enough to facilitate the running of a huge enterprise. 

Just my opinion, but it seems that he’s withdrawn from the limelight due to criticism rather than abuse? Of course there’s plenty of idiots out there, but the current ownership was more militantly and unconditionally backed by a lot of the fan base than any other regimes in recent history.

That’s a really brief synopsis – got plenty more opinions, but I’ll shelve them for now.

So Stewart, what’s going on? There’s a real irony that the first few months were built on transparency and now there’s actually something of note to talk about, it’s far from transparent. It can’t be good for the owner to not be at the club?

Stewart Donald owner of Sunderland AFC

Anyway – sure there lots of differing opinions, but that’s mine / food for thought.


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