Strange Days……..


Strange Days

Life on Isolation Row..

SAFCBlog is built on positivity, there’s a few barriers to being positive at the moment! The impact of the current situation is going to be life-changing for so many. In the absence of a solution, the importance of escapism comes to the fore. We all have things we like doing, for me Football, golf and beer with pals are a huge part of my life – all 3, (and rightly so), are off the radar for the foreseeable…….

Strange days
Even Pip Schofield hasn’t been ‘coming out’

No Football, No SAFC = Less Misery?

Clutching at straws a bit, but it’s a few weeks since I’ve work up feeling tense on a game day. Lots of reminiscing about SAFC online, especially the wonderful 4 days when we saw off Chelsea and Everton to stay up and send The Mags down. Special memories for me as it was dads last times at the SOL……. it’s less than 4 years ago – we were on the verge of something good – it really hits home how much Dour Dave fucked us over in such a short space of time?

‘Never look back…..’ but fucking hell, those 4 days in May were the very best of times, on and off the pitch

May Bank Holiday 2020

At least it’ll be better than last year?

Wembley = Shite

How important is football?

The short answer is….. completely irrelevant at the moment, that said, it’s amazing how much we miss it? Matchday is the obvious focus, but for me it’s really hit home just how much we talk about football, think about football, worry about football, dream about football etc…. I’m not quite missing VAR yet, but I’m sure that day isn’t far off?

Alternatives to football…….

As mentioned earlier, we can’t do anything about the lack of football. It’s only week 1, (of 14 at my guess?), but got to stay positive. Lots of us, (myself included), bemoan being too busy – well, nows the time….. 

I’m not about to learn the piano or write a book, but I did chop a tree down today and am going to have a big bastard fire. We’re all different – but my target is to come out of this in a better place than I went into it…..

FIRE🔥🔥🔥 – great fun, (managed responsibly)

Variety is the spice of life……

Nothing more annoying than some prick telling you what to do with your life? Imagine how bad Joe Wicks barnet will look by the end of all of this?

But…… coming soon, The SAFCBlog Survival Guide – ‘Blogging, Dogging and Burning’



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