Sublime Sunderland Heap Misery on the Royals

Reading is a long way, I didn’t think we’d get beat last night, but you never know what to expect, such is the beautiful nature of live sport, sometimes out of nowhere, it’s just absolutely fantastic.
Another shocker for the SAFCblog Photographer, another trialist having a go on Saturday for the Watford game, if the current photographer was as passionate about remembering to take pictures, as he is at talking shite and skulling Moretti on the way home, he’d be half decent?

Only a matter of time before the mounting pressure becomes too much?

Under pressure?

Getting there….

Piece of piss really

Rare photo of lesser spotted shite blogger.

Pre game

Good to chat with a few Reading fans and put faces to names⚽️✅

A minutes silence done properly is a thing of beauty, last night it was impeccably observed, regardless of the occasion we have all suffered loss, a minutes silence is so, so powerful. A huge well done to Reading FC, from 7pm onwards their friendly stewards were circulating the fanzone informing and explaining that they’d like everyone in their seats by 7.55pm. I travel all over watching Sunderland, it’s well publicised that sometimes fans aren’t treated great by the authorities, huge respect to Reading FC and their employees last night, and thankyou❤️⚽️

Stars of TV

I’m a grown man, I’m fairly typical of most chaps my age, but……my name is SAFCBlog, I like buying trainers and flags…..

7.45pm – flag is up✅
7.50pm – flag is down❌ Going take my biggest flag next time⚽️

Heading home….

The distance is the same, but if the car had been nicked, I reckon I could have flown home unaided?

Moretti 1 vs Photographic Competence 0, (Nesbitt, R C, 23)

The Late, Late Show….

“Can that daft prick Alex Neil pop to Tibshelf for White Magnum at 1.32am?”
“No he can’t…..”

What about the match?

The thing is, I was going anyway last night, the hope, (not expectation), was that we’d play ok? Every chance I’ll be back tomorrow to properly analyse the performance? But wow…..
  • We were good for 30 minutes
  • The next 60 minutes we were irresistible
  • One for tomorrow, but thanks lads…… probably the most beautiful team goal I’ve seen live?
  • Sometimes words can’t do it justice? (SAFCBlog graph / goal diagram SPZL tomorrow, furniture removal commitments permitting)

Beauty is often said to be in the eye of the beholder, but last night❤️ 30 minutes onwards…. we were magic, it was a magic hour x, just a magic hour x FTM

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