SAFCBlog Sunday Service

SAFC Blog Sunday service

SAFC Blog Sunday Service

‘Sofa – So Good?’

Usual Sunday Service for SAFCBlog involves a lot of Sofa and a lot of Sport on TV. Sadly, (but rightly), such pastimes are on hold. Football will be back, it’s just we don’t know when it’ll be back. Announcements will obviously be made in due course, I suspect the PL will jump when UEFA say ‘jump’ and the EFL will then follow suit?

???????? TBC

Football on the other side…..

These are undoubtedly life changing times, but life will return to some normality at some stage. What’s it’s going to be like for SAFC on the other side…..

The Fans…….

Most of those I’ve spoke to have been a bit shocked just how much they are missing football. 90 minutes every now and then is the foundation of the game, but there’s so, so much more to it than that. Whenever it is, let’s remember how much we’ve missed it, let’s get absolutely steamboats and pack the SOL to the rafters…..

SAFC Blog Sunday service
“Let’s party like it’s 2020, (hopefully not 2021?)”

The Physical Health of the Players…….

Since the new regime, we are so much fitter than we were. This facilitated playing with an intensity that enabled us to blow teams away at the SOL for the first time since Roy Keane was manager.

The king……”Fat in October” vs “Fit in January”

Maguire managed to get that size training every day under Ross, imagine how we’d look with the players not training? Thankfully Parkinson’s management team seem to be fitness obsessed, there’s no way we will not be razor sharp upon our return to action, absolutely no way.

Being fit bodes well, whilst I don’t expect 19/20 to resume, if it does, hitting the ground running with 3 rapid wins would lead to automatic promotion. If we have to wait for a new season, we will be primed and ready to piss the league, (game of opinions as always).

The Mental Health of the Players……..

This will be absolutely huge. I’ll write in detail about this in the next few weeks, but it cannot be underestimated. If you ever speak to ex players, listen to, (honest), podcasts etc …… players struggle not being players. I didn’t, (as yet), make it as a professional footballer, it’s clearly a decent job.

Mental health issues do not discriminate, cliches galore to be had, but sometimes being in a privileged, (or perceived to be privileged), position can be a catalyst. Ultimately comparisons are generally harmful, I am in awe of the NHS workers – but just like Sheila from Wigan writing to the Daily Star to say Wayne Rooney spending £1000 on a bottle of wine is unacceptable or Alan Brazil declaring on national radio that footballers should pull themselves together, look in the mirror etc, it’s really not that straight forward? Anyway – that’ll be a nice lighthearted article eh?

What to do today?

I normally love Sundays, in reality the day of the week matters not at present. I’m going to make some phone calls today, just seems like a good thing to do. In this digital age of social media etc, I’d forgotten how nice it was to have a chat on the phone. Conversely it’s mint that some people are engaging in IT like never before. Communication in whatever form it takes has never, ever been more important……..

……….”oh I say Arthur, the price of Pearl Necklaces has changed an awful lot”


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