Sunderland 0 v bolton 0, match review

Sunderland 0 Bolton 0

Boxing Day is widely acknowledged to be one of the biggest and best days in the sporting calendar – with this in mind I departed North Yorkshire full of hope. Spurred on by a large bag of ale and some homemade pickled onions and pork pies – this was the kind of day you dream about…..


Sunderland 0 V Bolton 0, Match Review
“Smash these today, an easy win is just what we need to boost our confidence…..”

Boxing day Sunderland v Bolton
“Photography – piece of piss? This time next year I’ll be as famous as Tony Cole?
Sunderland 0 V Bolton 0, Match Review
”game on” Sunderland 0 V Bolton 0, Match Review
Sunderland v Bolton
Much as the club do Remembrance perfectly, the minutes silence at the last home game of every year is a perfect moment. Sadly they messed it up today – but to be fair the Billy Hughes tribute perhaps confused the issue. It was clear the ref and players weren’t expecting a minutes silence – so no blame. There’s lots wrong at the club… but supporter liaison and acting with class for Armistice and minutes silence are something they normally get perfectly right”


A proper 0-0, a shit game between two shit teams.


We don’t score goals, (a fundamental problem I’d say), every now and then we score 1 goal in a game, but we don’t create anything, we lack pace, we lack intensity, our possession to goals ratio must be the lowest in the league/world? I’m no tactical genius, but if we don’t score some goals – we will continue to struggle to win games?


We were poor in all departments today, so I’m loathe to single out individuals. But….. Max Power is absolutely shit and Leadbitter doesn’t have the legs, he took about 10 corners and 5 free kicks and they were woeful, whilst Maguire is a bit fat – there’s a case for him being on instead of Grant just to take set pieces / beat the first man / not fire it into the crowd? I’m not for one minute suggesting that Maguire is a world beater, but his 2 free kicks were at least a threat?




So – shit game and a shit result.

Whilst I’m trying to avoid the negativity of twitter, I guess this blog represents an aspect of social media? The idea for the blog was raised on the morning of March 26th 2019, (admittedly beer had been taken), anyway exactly 9 months on to the day, this is article #200 and 104’000 have read – ultimately I enjoy doing it, so if people read and enjoy it too, that’s a bonus?

I regularly refer to the notion that football is a game of opinions, and so it should be, it’s healthy and it contributes to the fabric of the wonderful game of football. I’m 100% of the belief that it’s a results business….absolutely 100% – win games and all is good – simple? Sadly we’ve not been doing a great deal of winning of late, so it’s totally understandable that the manager should be under a degree of pressure. I was a fan of Ross, I am, (one of the few), who seems to be backing Parkinson. I actually thought our fans were decent today, the McGeady chant was piss poor in my opinion, although, whilst I don’t agree with them, I can understand the reason for chants against the manager.

Bridge of troubled water
Bridge porn

Having established it’s a game of opinions…… SAFCBlog would like to throw the following out there………

Phil Parkinson hasn’t hit the ground running, the Kevin Phillips bandwagon seems to be gathering momentum – for me a young man with no managerial experience would be absolutely eaten alive at SAFC? I accept he’s a legend, (but I’m in no rush to tout Defoe for the job?). Phillips pretty much stuck 2 fingers up to us when he left and his self promotion for a job that isn’t available on Talksport last week was classless and inappropriate at best. Parkinson is a decent manager at this level – ultimately it matters not who the gaffer is, because it goes so much deeper than that? I’ve not trusted Donald from day 1- he’s desperate to flip the club – the mega rich yanks want the club and are actually financing the day to day operation by virtue of their loans….so why not just do the deal now? Well…….Game of opinions….. but Donald has fucked this club, the 31 July accounts will be interesting to say the least, (the names on the payroll could be of interest?). For me Donald will take this club to the brink…. and I mean lower, much lower than now, the absolute brink of oblivion. Thankfully we shouldn’t go into administration due to the USA waiting in the wings….. but I’m 100% of the belief that the damage done to this club by Donald has not even begun to surface, (**obviously an opinion rather than a statement of fact)

In short, drawing against a piss poor Bolton side and worrying about getting humped at Doncaster is the very least of our worries? I hope I’m wrong, but I expect it to get a lot, lot, lot worse before it gets better?

Anyway Happy Christmas and keep believing………this ones for CAPTAIN CUSTARD OF YORK……



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