2 years ago today……

2 years ago today

Sunderland 1 Burton Albion 2

2 Years Ago Today

Season 2017/18

Prior to looking at the Burton game, let’s remember the abject misery of the whole season. We started the season as one of the favourites after a 10 year stay in the Premier League. It’s often said how hard it is to get out of the Championship at the 1st attempt after relegation from the PL. Ohhhhhh….. we made it look pretty easier?

Grayson was uninspiring, Coleman looked like a great coup? Sadly his appointment turned out to be a bit Will Grigg, as it soon became apparent that he didn’t have a fucking clue – let’s remember he had the thick end of 30 games and apart from Good Friday at Derby, we were shocking.

Derby 1 Sunderland 4
Derby County 1 Sunderland 4 – ‘Even a blind squirrel finds the occasional nut?’

We weren’t very good up til Christmas, we then got worse. Once Grabban departed, (he’d scored 12 goals in 19 games), we were knackered. He did pop back in March to score against us for Villa.

Just the shittest of shit seasons?

  • Worst kit ever
  • Worst disciplinary record
“Got the ball, (out of picture), ref!”
  • Got some absolute hammerings
Sunderland 1 Burton Albion 2
“Stay to the end – beat the rush”
2 years ago today
‘If 2017/18 was a picture…….”

  • Obviously I want us to win every game we play. I’m generally pretty optimistic, although it got to about February and March and it felt like it would be kinder just to put us out of our misery….”even a condemned man has a date?” One thing keeping the SAFCBlog fires burning was…. Fulham Away, the best away day in the Championship in our last away game….. a sunny Saturday on the lash down by the river….. at least the seasons not completely wasted?
One last kick in the bollocks from 17/18….. SKY decide to change it to Friday night
‘I’m doing ok with lockdown…. but a few pints of whatever the 9% were drinking will help”

One last act of kindness…

So 51 weeks after our ten year tenure in the Premier League was brought to an end, Burton Albion confirmed our relegation to the 3rd tier. It was a crap game between 2 crap teams – in a bizarre way, a fitting end to it all? We finished bottom, 6 points from safety.

Prior to Wolves turning up pissed in their flip flops on the last day, we had won once in 17 attempts, and people still say no blame can be attached to Coleman? 

As we approach May, at least there will be plenty of happy anniversaries on the horizon, I’ll look at these Great Escapes in due course ….and 2017/18? Let’s just forget about that eh?


Sunderand 1 Burton Albion 2
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