Sunderland 1 coventry 1

land 1 Coventry 1

Sunderland 1 Coventry 1

There’s no doubt that we are at a low ebb, we are desperate for some positivity – today was OK, but no better than OK. In keeping with the last 6 weeks or so, it was another wet, horrible day……

Sunderland 1 Coventry City 1
Middlesbrough- looks even worse on a shit day?
Sunderland 1 Coventry City 1
Thankfully, it was a glorious day in Wonderland…….Sunderland 1 Coventry 1
Sunderland 1 Coventry City 1
Idea for Tuesday night…… let one of these kids play instead of Grigg?

Cold and wet in Wearside, up in Scotchland poor old Jack had to wear two coats!

Och aye, I’ll piss myself if we win and Sunderland draw 1-1”

As aforementioned not a vintage performance, but we certainly deserved the point we ended up with. We kept plugging away, it’s a shame we didn’t score 10 minutes earlier? A draw was probably a fair result – Coventry did what we normally do; I appreciate they’ve not won away for a while – but once they sat back, we took control. Coventry looked more likely to win the game 2-0 going forward, than hang on for 1-0 sitting back? At least we showed a bit of character today, but as we’ve seen the last 18 months, only scoring one goal per game will not lead to many victories?

Much as we pressed in stoppage time, we never really looked like scoring, (volume required for this clip)


I guess we go again Tuesday night? But we could really do with a lift, and soon! We are desperate to get Gooch back and whilst Wyke might not be the answer long term, we are crying out for bit of physicality up front. As is often the case when a team is struggling, we seem to have a few players out of sorts, Maguire has been terrible recently – but then I guess that’s why he’s in playing League 1, despite being able to occasionally do good things? Power is playing shite, but at least he puts everything in?

I’m not a huge fan of singling individuals out for criticism….. but to refer to the wise words of Sean Dyche, giving 100% should be the absolute bare minimum”. I can live with errors, poor judgements, mistakes etc….. but a lack of effort and heart is unforgivable.

Right Will Grigg…… please prove me wrong, but…………..

  • Once again, your effort levels were piss poor?
  • There is no excuse for wandering around rather than running?
  • The stock defence is, we don’t create? Well, I don’t recall Maja scoring 15 chances, a striker needs to move, find space, make things happen etc
  • A striker missing chances is half way to scoring – I am at a loss as to your lack of involvement in games?
  • I appreciate football is real life, and I’m sure you’ve got stuff going on. I appreciate our fool of an owner paid too much for you. But for fucks sake, at least look like you give a shit?
  • Our position is not down to you, there is loads wrong at the club – I’m just at a fucking loss as to what I’tve seen the last 3 games? Foul someone, get booked, chase a lost cause of a ball – just fucking do something……. anything.

Game opinions Will and I’d love to see you put a shift in Tuesday night, I’d really love to see that.

So, positivity is not prevalent; but we can either feel sorry for ourselves?

Nah, that’s not the SAFCBlog way. Got to stay positive, that’s what Bruce would do?

See you all in 3 sleeps time


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