Sunderland 1 vs Portsmouth 0 – Job Done

We needed to win today, not just because we needed 3 points, but for lots of reasons. We deserved to win the game and we did win the game…..

I wouldn’t kneel down on that surface either lads – our pitch is absolutely fucked.

1st Half…..

  • We are slow out of the traps, we saw very little of the ball for the first 25 minutes
  • Once we get a foothold in the game, we created plenty, on two occasions a simple square ball would have led to a tap in
  • Good work from Stewart sets up Embleton who finishes well, 1-0⚽️
  • Not only do Pompey seem to lack an attacking edge, they also look calamitous when pressed/hassled, the goal and the other 2 best chances were a result of us pressing them into mistakes

2nd Half……

  • We controlled the game pretty well, it’s never totally comfortable at 1-0, but we weren’t really threatened by a lacklustre Portsmouth side – they hammered us down there and I expected them to be better than they were today.
  • Overall I thought we managed the game well in the 2nd half, like last week O’Brien did really well when he came on, (probably 10 minutes too late?)

Brief report, I’ll write something else tomorrow.

Player Ratings

German…. Not really troubled, a clean sheet is always good

Cirkin….. he’s significantly better than Hume, his link up play with Doyle in the 2nd half was excellent

Doyle….. he’s absolutely class, superb game from him

Bathh….. Great debut, he’s exactly what we need

Flanaghan….he’s had an ok season, but he just looks like he’s got a mistake in him, Wright and Willis when fit probably better options

Evans….. just goes about things, we are much better when he plays

Gooch……. Game of opinions, I wouldn’t play him, considering his experience – his decision making is absolutely dire

Embleton….. completely lost in the first 25 minutes, better thereafter and a decent finish⚽️

Dajuku…… seems to lack an end product but ran his arse off and he’s a handful.

Neil….. didn’t do owt wrong, but had less of an influence on the game than he normally does.

Stewart….. he’s dry good every game, he’s often isolated – we need to get a striker in, to help him before the window closes, also if he gets injured we are fucked

Job Done…… onwards and upwards⚽️🔴⚪️⚽️, loads of Footie still to play, we are right in the mix. Wigan should piss the league now, we’ll probably need to beat Rotherham at home – happy with that. We go again Saturday⚽️ All roads lead to Horwich – see you there✅

Good performance✅ Good Win✅ Not quite in the Driving Seat❌ But not far off✅

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