Sunderland 2 Vs Gillingham 2

Sunderland 2 Giillingham 2

Sunderland 2 Gillingham 2

Late heartbreak denies Sunderland……

Despite playing on Sunday, it still feels like a while since our last game. Despite being away on warm weather training, it’s been impossible to not be bombarded by the fact we’re all about to die of flu. SAFCBlog is I guess a media outlet…. but fucking hell, the mainstream media should hang their head in shame at their reportage of the story? Our fragile economy is going to take a right kicking, just because 24 news needs news?

SAFCBlog was at the wheel again today, (going to have a right drink for Blackpool),  thankfully my travel companions today offered some welcome relief from the Virus News…..

“Morning lads,you had a good week?”

Journey North……

A19 shut again, so it was the less favoured A1…. but as they say ……Every Cloud has a silver Leeming…..

SAFC Blog heading to Sunderland v Gillingham
“Once again Leeming raised the Bar…..”

Made good time to Sunderland…..

Sunderland Til I Die
“Take me down to the Paradise City, where the girls are…….. er?
SAFC Blog top tune
We can’t control what happens on the pitch….. who knows how high we’ll be in the table at 5pm…. thankfully we can control the tunes?

It’s Saturday, it’s 3pm…..

Ahead of the kick off Sunderland v Gillingham
Win today???

Steve Evans……

Football is a game of opinions. I write about the beautiful game and SAFC most days. I’d be hugely disappointed if anyone agreed with everything I write. That said, I try to be objective and fair? Steve Evans gets results, in both games at the SOL this season his team has been much better in the 2nd half… he also made some early positive substitutions… BUT…. what an absolute weapon he is? Completely classless and a complete discredit to the Beautiful game? 
It’s been National Pie Week this week, so he’s probably had an exciting week, but his conduct on the touchline is not good…..

Steve Evans Gillingham Manager thoroughly unpleasant behaviour on the touchline v Sunderland
Thoroughly unpleasant
Sunderland 2 Giillingham 2
“Crack on Mad Dog, it’s worth a 6 game ban?”

Sunderland bench class act Gillingham bench a bunch of deliquents

Steve Evans Gillingham Manager he would argue with himself
Gillingham fans are decent….. it must be hard to have this fella as your gaffer?

1st Half…….Sunderland v Gillingham

Decent contest, we played ok and The King was unlucky not to score twice

2nd Half……

Sunderland lead Giliingham 2 - 1 with a couple of minutes to go
“Almost there lads………”

Pulsating stuff.

Great goal to go 1-0 up. In recent games going ahead has felt like game over, it never felt that way today, as the Gills offered a constant threat. Conceding on 96 minutes was awful. In fairness, they created plenty and whilst I’ve not seen it on TV yet, Lafferty looked a mile offside for his 2nd goal? It’s hard to tell if the Gillingham bench protested, as they spent all day protesting?

Football is an emotional game, it’s a long time since I’ve felt as flat at the final whistle as I did today…. but… we go again Tuesday. We categorically have the right manager in charge of our wonderful club


SAFCBlog Final Word…….

SAFC Blog match report on Sunderland 2 Gillingham 2

Tough to take today, really tough….. but. ….we go again Tuesday. Busy week for SAFCBlog, couple of match previews, I’m also going to write tomorrow about, how to line up vs and beat Rovers….. Emotional game as we all know, already dreading Portsmouth or Fleetwood in the Play Offs ……but it is just a game…. as ever spent the day with some great men. I started writing this shite to cope with losing my dad, hero, match companion etc……One of those with us today had his 2 year old with him…. a lifetime of misery awaits? Yes….. would he have it any other way? No……we’re a few points behind where we’d like to be? But it’ll be alright, I promise it’ll be alright


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