Sunderland 3 bristol Rovers 0

Sunderland 3 Bristol Rovers 0

Sunderland 3 Bristol Rovers 0

Another 3 points, another clean sheet, another successful day.

Journey north….

The drive to Wonderland is normally pretty mundane given we do it on such a regular basis? Although no such monotony today…… after the excitement of the Hendon Dog Rescue and the 999 incident vs Ipswich…..we had to use the A1 rather than the A19 due to flooding at Ripon.

After the excitement of a first trip to Donnington Services last Saturday, today we had our 1st visit to Leeming Bar Services… a whole new world!? I’ll leave it there, although Leeming has raised the bar?

Online tomorrow at the award winning SAFCBlog….. “LEEMING BAR SERVICES – SPECIAL EDITION”

I couldn’t really give a shit about Middlesbrough as a football club, it’s often commented that the town is a shithole, a bit of a cliche, but the camera tends not to lie?

Sunderland 3 Bristol Rovers 0
12.56pm Middlesbrough…..
1.28pm Wonderland – case closed
Nothing lasts forever? The day when seeing the bridge doesn’t excite me may well come? But…. I’m in my 4th decade of it and it still excites me!”

Sunderland v Bristol Rovers 1st half…..

To be fair to Rovers they looked OK, that said we were well on top. Missed a few chances, final ball lacked quality, but overall decent. Special mention for the referee, L1 refs are shite, (although to be fair the one last week was decent), fucking hell – that knobber today was as bad as we’ve had all season!,8

“he is human after all??”

2nd half…..

Class, 3 goals – job done. Charlie Wyke gets a bit of criticism, but he is the epitome of us at the moment. The heart of a lion – delighted to see him score. The celebrations in the stands were brilliant due to the fact the whole ground were on their feet as he bore down on the goal. 

We are clearly on a roll, Parkinson and his management team are doing a brilliant job. The celebrations on the pitch for Wkyes goal said everything you need to know about the team spirit and Charlie…. a 10 man pile on. I fucking love Charlie Wyke.

Sunderland Bristol Rovers man Of the match……

Loads of contenders, special mention for Ozturk – being dropped will have hurt him, he was flawless today as were Flanagan and Willis. My pick today was George Dobson, he gets better every week – it’s easy to forget how young he is. He was superb again today.

The bench…..

Great to have options and all 3 did well today when they came on.

Even Will Grigg got a run out?

huge week ahead….

Big win today and 2 more big games this week. It’s just great to be in the mix though, at the turn of the year it was looking like our season may be over? Massive week for SAFCBlog too…… got shit loads of shite to write up.

Never look back….. but Phil is doing a great job, he’s a fucking class act – just watch him on the touchline next game. We all want the best for Sunderland – I was delighted when he was appointed and could see the progress in relation to fitness. Nothing has been achieved yet, but at least we have a chance of something good happening…….



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Sunderland 3 bristol Rovers 0 great win yesterday….. REPORT HERE………

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RT @Yorktone: If you haven’t got a copy of @YfrontFanzine #8 then you really should. Essential terrace accessory.

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