CHELSEA —- 4 YEARS -— 3-2

Sunderland 3 Chelsea 2

Sunderland 3 Chelsea 2

The Beautiful Game

Football is an emotional game, watching sunderland can be pretty depressing…. but sometimes, just sometimes it’s brilliant. 4 years ago to day was one of those days that anyone in attendance will never, ever forget.

Sunderland 3 Chelsea 2

Whilst at the moment we are missing trips to Southend and Burton, 4 years ago today we were beating Chelsea to effectively secure our premiership status! it’s madness to think how much things have gone to shit in such a short space of time? 

7 Days Earlier…..

‘Every great script needs a good sub plot? This moment the week before was absolutely massive!’


It had the makings of a ‘horrible day?’ Mags will beat Villa, can’t see us beating Chelsea?’

3pm til 4.50pm……

To refer to the game as A Rollercoaster, doesn’t even start to do the afternoons events justice…..

0-1….. Diego Costa

1-1….. Khazri

What a goal!!! A combination of Euphoria and Alcohol, saw me agree to sponsor him for the next season on the back of this!

Sunderland 3 Chelsea 2
Khazri under Big Sam – Fantastic
Sunderland 3 Chelsea 2
Just like he did with the club as a whole, Dour Dave Moyes dragged the life out of Khazri

1-2….. Matic

1-2….. whilst the euphoria of the goals to come is the overriding memory. It should be remembered that Vito brilliantly saved twice when 1 on 1 against Diego Costa. These saves were every bit as important as any of the goals….

Vito Mannone💜 (and we sold him to Reading for £2 million, having just trousered £26 million for Pickford – absolutely criminal? Steele + Ruiter + Camp = League 1)






Disgusting challenge……and remember 12 months later after being humiliated all season, David Moyes agreed to stage a substitution in the 26th minute so Terry could have a guard of honour?

Imagine asking Roy Keane, (the man who refused a bus parade for winning the Championship), being asked to be complicit to the farce of giving an opposition player a guard of honour mid game…….

“So that’s a no then Mr Keane?”


The Stadium is rocking, we have beaten Chelsea, the Mags couldn’t beat Villa….. IT’S ON!!!


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