Sunderland 3 grimsby 2

SAFCBlog has made a commitment to review every game, it’s a 160 mile round trip and realistically the game is the 3rd most important SAFC related issue of the day? Common sense says…. stay at home, get some food delivered and drink some red wine….. utter folly! SAFCBlog is better than that!

I’ve touched upon the fact that home games are difficult to review without repetition? Last night was a tough review…..

We’re all creatures of comfort? Not sitting in my usual spot has me in a bad mood before I left Yorkshire! SAFCBlog is fortunate with its vantage point in the SOL…. being cold and queuing for a piss is not my bag?


Sunderland 3 Grimsby 2
Bonkers rainbow….. be just our luck having been looked at by the 24th richest man in the world….that they’d be a fucking traffic cone where our pot of gold should be?
sunderland beat grimsby
Thirsk Services…. Germany, Holland, Belgium etc…. must be dreading Brexit?
Seeing the sea – always more exciting than it should be as a grown up?


where were you at sunderland grimsby when we get to Wembley
The magic of the cup?
100% respect everyone’s decision on how to spend their evening…. BUT… When 38’000 tickets isn’t enough for Wembley, feel free to share this photo……?!





80 minutes… go home

Sunderland 3 Grimsby 2
2-1, 2-2,3-2
Job done…. homeward bound.
Sad, no Jack Ross as Sunderland beat Grimsby
This makes me feel sad!


SAFCBlog …….. never, ever look back

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