Sunderland 3 v Rochdale 0 – some late night thoughts…….

Sunderland 3 Rochdale 0

Sunderland 3 Rochdale 0 – job Done……..

Lots of positives tonight once again; 3 points, 3 goals, a clean sheet. We were clinical and professional and won easy. Rochdale were as bad as we were good in the 1st half. Full match report with player ratings etc online at sometime tomorrow. 

Our form is good, momentum is building and I can’t wait til Saturdays trip to Oxford.

As aforementioned I’ll review the game tomorrow, but I’m far too excited to sleep, so…… thought I’d just touch upon some of tonight’s key moments, but just with pictures and a few words…..

Some girls are bigger than others……
Journey North…..Desperado
Bridge over not so troubled waters…..
Unchanged team – Good to see Will Grigg warming up though?
Game on ……..
“It’s not where you’re from, it’s where you’re at?” We are playing Rochdale because we are in the same league as them – arrogance is poor? But fucking hell they felt very ‘lower league?’…. about 80 fans, a shit kit, no tattoos, sponsored by a local garden centre etc….. that said it would have finished 1-1 last season?

3 First half goals for Sunderland

Sunderland 3 Rochdale 0

As aforementioned, proper review tomorrow – just a few pictures tonight. I quite enjoyed Geography at school, but fuck knows what’s going on with Phil’s shoes? His Christmas suede boots were nowhere to be seen tonight – tonight’s footwear choice was a bit ‘gypsy wedding?’

“Great manager – shit shoes”
Steve ‘mad dog’ Parkin wore a hat?? Soft as shite(**)
Winning lots, exciting football, loads of goals etc…. that’s all well and good, but I’ve never seen so many crisp packets on a pitch during the game. Surely we can get Grigg to pick them up?
“Right Will, have a quick fag – then can you pop out and pick up those crisp bags please?”

(**not my view)

Proper match report tomorrow – hugely positive evening, I’m off out to try and find Denver’s right foot………



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Sunderland 3 v rochdale 0 – some late night thoughts……. …

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